Why choose our specification?

Our GCSE (9-1) Geography qualification helps you develop skilled and successful geographers. Taking a thematic approach, this specification enables students to explore the people-environment challenges we face in the UK, with content organised by physical and human environments.

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What's more, our exams give every student the chance to succeed with clear question papers, consistent command words and straightforward mark schemes. You can feel confident in meeting the fieldwork requirements, as we offer a meaningful and clearly-structured approach to fieldwork that gives your students the best preparation for the fieldwork questions. We have created qualifications that offer:

You can be clear on what you need to teach and what will be assessed with our easy-to-navigate specifications, showing you:

  • where students need a broad overview or in-depth geographical understanding
  • where and how to cover geographical skills in lessons
  • clarity and choice in the three in-depth case studies. We've also highlighted where to use located examples to develop content.

Our GCSE Geography specifications feature the popular topics you've told us your students want to learn, including hazards, climate change and urban challenges, plus new content such as extreme weather and globalisation. Students will explore physical and human environments and investigate contemporary people and environmental challenges.

Our specifications include a range of popular fieldwork tasks to choose from, which will stay the same for the lifetime of the specification. We specify fieldwork tasks and parameters for collecting data, so you can be confident students are meeting the fieldwork requirements. The tasks help students to apply what they know from their own fieldwork to the exam questions.

Our exam papers are designed to be straightforward to navigate, with clear instructional text, gradual ramping of demand, and consistent use of question types and command words. Plus, our level-based mark schemes for 8 mark and 12 mark extended-response questions are clear about the type of response and skills required.

Our specifications, support and published resources are all designed to help your students develop the skills they need to become confident and successful geographers, and to:

  • ask geographical questions
  • learn about places, patterns and issues
  • use, interpret and analyse geographical data
  • use geographical terminology confidently in their writing.

We provide you with an unbeatable range of free support for GCSE Geography. Your dedicated Geography Subject Advisor is on-hand to help and advise when you need it. Our Pearson Geography community provides ongoing support via our subject specialists, and collaborative network events. Plus, comprehensive support for understanding the assessment requirements and tracking progress through the Pearson Progression Scale, exam feedback training, ResultsPlus results analysis, high-quality professional development and more.