We’ll provide materials and support every step of the way so you can track your students’ progress in GCSE Geography A

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Specimen papers

We’ve published additional specimen papers to help you become familiar with the new style of exams and to give students practice papers you can use to pinpoint and guide their progress.

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Exemplar student work

We’ve published student exemplars and examiner commentaries to help you and your students understand the standard that’s expected.

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Our Mocks Service

The Mocks Service provides schools and colleges with Pearson Edexcel GCSE Geography A exam papers for use in mock examinations. The papers are sat by students, marked by Pearson examiners and the mock results are uploaded to ResultsPlus for item level analysis.   

If you’ve used this service before, simply log in and make your entries for the autumn term.   

If you’re new to the mocks service and would like to find out more, take a look at the information on our website where you can also book an appointment with your local sales consultant to discuss your requirements further.   

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ResultsPlus provides the most detailed analysis available of your students’ exam performance. Widely used by teachers across the country, this free online service enables you to identify topics and skills where students could benefit from further learning, helping them gain a deeper understanding of geography.



examWizard is a free exam preparation tool containing a bank of past Edexcel GCSE Geography exam questions, mark schemes and examiners’ reports.


Pearson Progression Scale

The Pearson Progression Scale is a progression model designed to help track progress in geography. Download a free, ready-made and editable Progression Scale and Map, covering ages 11-16, representing how learning progresses in geography and how the understanding and skills build upon each other.