The gender gap in Computer Science has been closing for the last seven years with record numbers of girls taking A level and GCSE Computer Science in 2020. 

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Did you know that only 20% of candidates for GCSE Computer Science are girls?


Yet, there is still work to do; as it stands only 20% of candidates for GCSE Computer Science and 10% for A level Computer Science are girls. Today, there is evidence to show that there is a growing digital skills gap in the world, demonstrating the importance in digital skills, which can set female and male students on the right path for their next steps in education or towards their chosen career.

In fact, 76 per cent of CEOs are concerned with the availability of digital skills in their workforce (PwC, 2018). Therefore, it's important for schools and teachers to work together with the industry, to help to change the image of technology amongst young women.

That's why at Pearson, we're here to help inspire and encourage young women to take an interest in our digital qualifications across GCSE, A Level and BTEC. Whether they are aspiring software developers, digital media producers, or just want to develop a broad overview of IT skills, there is a pathway for everyone.

"Computer Science continues to grow in popularity and, crucially, to rapidly increase its appeal amongst female students, who are historically an under-represented group in tech. This should, in turn, broaden and enrich the pipeline to further study and employment in computing-related fields" - Julia Adamson, Director of Education at BCS

Women in Computing 

We had the opportunity to speak to an inspirational group of female colleagues working at TT Games, and hear about the preconceptions they encountered during their career in computing.

Watch the videos below to hear the group discuss their career journey, why a role in Computing was right for them and to find out more about the various job roles available within the world of Computing.


A day in the life

Tackling preconceptions

Finding a career in Computing

Did you know there are fantastic career prospects for those who take up Computer Science?

Computing at School (CAS) believe that every child in every school has the right to a world-class computing education. An understanding of computing enables citizens to make informed choices in our digital world.

They've teamed up with people working in technology and asked them to share their experiences and bring insight to help students who are interested in a Computing career. 

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You can also visit out careers page to explore various career opportunities in Computer Science and download our free support package.

Careers with Computer Science

Supporting all teachers: what’s available and when?  (PDF | 685KB)

Gender Balance in Computing

Gender Balance in Computing is an organisation that are helping teachers find the best way to encourage young woman to study Computer Science. From research, they've found that only 20% of candidates for GCSE Computer Science and 10% for A level Computer Science were girls.

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Read more about a fantastic new project they're working on with various organisations, such as Raspberry Pi Foundation, BCS, The Chartered Institute for IT and STEM Learning, plus Apps for Good and WISE. The research project's aim is to remove those barriers which may impact girls' engagement with computing in schools.

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