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Pearson Edexcel GCSE Computer Science (2020)

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To help you deliver our Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Computer Science 2020 specification, and your students to achieve their full potential, we aim for our qualification to be supported by high-quality resources produced by a range of publishers, including Pearson.

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Bringing GCSE Computer Science to life with interactive, practical resources

Our Pearson resources* for Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Computer Science comprise:

  • an Interactive Scheme of Work
  • a Student Book.

To find out more about Pearson's published resources, please visit our Pearson Schools and FE Colleges website.

* You don't have to purchase any published resources to deliver our qualification.

Download our Student Book answer.

Working with industry partners

We’re working with leading industry and pedagogical organisations in Computer Science that have been specifically chosen to support our qualification's practical approach. Together, we’ll save you time and effort in identifying the best resources, where best to use them in the classroom, and how to get the most impact from them. 

GCSE Computer Science mapping document

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Helping you map the resources to the specification.

We've mapped the specification to specific content from our industry partners, to help you explore how to get the most impact from these resources. We'll also be adding a version including NCCE and Microsoft Make Code soon!

Download the mapping document

Craig and Dave are real teachers in real classrooms with real students! They teach in secondary schools with their own resources, which are adapted and maintained based on real experience in the classroom, past papers, discussions with the course advisors and students. 

Craig ‘n’ Dave are providing free YouTube videos for 82 of the Edexcel GCSE (9-1) specification points.

> Watch Craig ‘n’ Dave

Craig ‘n’ Dave are also creating a full range of resources to support the Edexcel specification, which you can access on the Craig 'n' Dave website.

Craig 'n' Dave

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PG Online is a group of teachers and subject specialists who offer a new generation of resources for many subjects, including Computer Science. Their resources help to improve grades and save time. They help establish a greater consistency in the quality and delivery of teaching across a department, and provide genuine support to new and non-specialist teachers.

PG Online have a new series to support the Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Computer Science 2020 specification from September. The first unit is available now for free and the remaining five, in the series, will follow over the coming months. You can access the resources via the PG Online website.

PG Online

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As an experienced Head of Computing, principal examiner, text book author and Raspberry Pi Certified Educator, Paul Long can provide you with quality materials for the GCSE Computer Science and materials to prepare for the examination.

His high-quality, self-published resources are all integrated to include:

  • The Ultimate GCSE CS Textbook (online and printable), separated into chapters to match each specification with links to the other resources. Each chapter has its own contents page for simple navigation.
  • The Ultimate GCSE CS Animated Presentations, each linking all the resources together with engaging content and elegant animations to assist learner understanding.

Paul has also created hundreds of walkthrough examples, worksheets, exam-style questions and templates, extension work for high-ability learners, plus Python programs linked to examples, activities and exam-style questions. Each program demonstrates what is being taught with on-screen, step-by-step guidance as to what is happening at each stage of the program.

> Learn more about Paul

Paul Long

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Mission Encodeable was founded by Harry and Anna Wake, two teenagers looking to transform the way young people learn to code. Harry and Anna are on a mission to inspire the next generation of computer scientists. They create online coding and design tutorials that are fun and engaging to students across the globe. Users will uplevel on their platform, and earn certificates. By doing so, they’ll improve their programming and logic skills. Anna and Harry want to transform coding education across the globe, so that everyone can learn digital skills in an engaging online environment.

> Find out more about Mission Encodeable

Mission Encodeable logo

Philip has been developing video tutorials on a range of Computer Science topics for many years. His videos have been very well received by teachers, lecturers, students, and pupils. He is an experienced educator having taught in Schools, Further Education and Universities.

He devised an approach to course delivery through a digital teaching initiative, blending online video courses with the traditional formats of course delivery. 

Philip has created an Edexcel video playlist for school teachers to use online. In addition, he will be developing further videos to support the new course specification.

Visit the John Philip Jones website.

Also, take a look at

We've worked with the team at Eedi to create a collection of diagnostic questions mapped to the Edexcel GCSE (9-1) 2020 Computer Science specification. Each topic in the specification is covered.

You can access data on how many students have answered this question, how many chose each answer and what explanations they gave, to give you valuable feedback and insight. You can also add questions to be used by you and others. The Edexcel collection is available now.

> Access the diagnostic questions

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A review of the resources for the new qualification

Karen McCathie, Head of Department at Churcher's College, Hampshire, for Computer Science and ICT, shares her experience with the free resources we've provided for GCSE (9-1) Computer Science and how she's planning on using them in delivering the qualification.

Resources for the new Pearson Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Computer Science specification
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We'll be adding further details about our exciting partnerships over the coming weeks. 

Get involved!

Let us know what else you’d like to see from our partners, to support your delivery of Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Computer Science 2020.

A focus on a particular area of the specification? A new type of resource? Anyone new you’d like to see us working with?

Get in touch and let us know!

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