Pearson ESOL qualifications

We've a range of support available to help you deliver our ESOL qualifications from Past Papers and Assessment Guides to Training events and more.  Explore the topics below to for full details.

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Pearson has a wealth of past papers available to support your learners and ensure they are assessment ready. They are available on our ESOL Skills for Life Resource pages listed below:

Entry 1 past papers

Entry 2 past papers

Entry 3 past papers

Level 1 past papers

Level 2 past papers


Pearson has produced two sets of top tips to help support with assessment, one for learners and one for providers:

Top Tips for Learners (PDF | 206 KB)

Top Tips for Proiders (PDF | 106 KB)

Pearson’s exemplar Speaking and Listening videos complete with exemplar assessor paperwork will help you standardise the assessments for the Speaking and Listening Awards and ensure you are not overcomplicating the paperwork.

ESOL Speaking and Listening Exemplar Videos Entry Level 1 (E1)

ESOL Speaking and Listening Exemplar Videos Entry Level 3 (E3)

Pearson’s Entry Level Writing Marking Guide will support the internal assessment of the Writing Awards, providing guidance and examples to ensure that providers are assessing correctly.

Marking Guidance for Entry Level Writing Tasks

ESOL Skills for Life training events are run throughout the year.

Please check out the training from Pearson webpage for more details:

View training events from Pearson

We also have previous events recorded for viewing.

Pearson has created the English test PTE Home for UK visas and citizenship applications.

Approved by the UK Government, PTE Home allows test takers to prove their English at A1, A2 or B1 levels. It’s a fully computer-based test, removing the stress of facing and being scored by an examiner. What’s more, PTE Home is the fastest English test for UK visas, with test takers typically receiving their final results in less than 48 hours.

Pearson also provides free preparation materials for tutors to use in class.

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