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GCSE GCE PE - April update

Tue Apr 16 23:00:00 UTC 2024

Welcome to this April 2024 update for teachers delivering the Pearson PE and Sport qualifications.  In this update you will find information relating to this summers exams, future timetables and how to keep up to date. I hope you find it helpful.




Key dates

Qual Title Date Time Duration
GCSE/GCE PE Component 3 - Moderation window 1 March - 5 May    
GCSE/GCE PE Component 4 - deadline to upload sample 15 May    
GCSE PE 1PE0 01 Component 1 - Fitness and Body systems Wednesday 22 May afternoon 1hr 30 mins
GCSE PE 1PE0 02 Component 2 - Health and Performance Monday 3 June Afternoon 1hr 15 mins
GCE PE 9PE0 01 Component 1 - Scientific Principles of Physical Education Friday 24 May morning 2hrs 30 mins
GCE PE 9PE0 02 Component 2: Psychological and Social Principles of Physical Education Wednesday 5 June Morning 2 hrs

General qualification assessment support

There is a new support page for you to bookmark – 'General qualifications assessment support'. Here we will share news, information and updates from Ofqual, the Department for Education (DfE), the Joint Council for Qualifications (JCQ) and Pearson, relating to the exams and assessments for our GCSE, AS and A level qualifications. 

We will be updating it regularly so you know you have all the latest announcements, news, support materials and updates to enable you to teach our qualifications, help your students with their assessments and post-results support, to enable them to progress. 


General qualifications assessment support


Timetables for this academic year are available on our website. We have also published our provisional timetables for Summer 2025. 

Summer 2024 timetables

Provisional Summer 2025 timetables

Edexcel Online and Multi- factor Authentication 

In June 2023 we introduced Multi-factor Authentication as Cyber security is increasingly in the news and deliberate attacks on centres are sadly becoming more common. That’s why Pearson is committed to working with all centres to ensure our digital interactions are as secure and risk-free as possible. In December of last year we rolled out a major enhancement to our current Edexcel Online Multi- Factor Authentication process. We will be moving away from the current email One Time Passcode (OTP) and will be asking Edexcel Online users to authenticate via an app on their smartphone or other compatible device. Each account user will use their own device (capable of operating authenticator apps such as Microsoft/ Google authenticator). 

We are taking the opportunity to remind colleagues that using a personal device will not result in Pearson collecting and/ or using any personal data, including a mobile phone number. If you need support with accessing a device, please talk to your centre leadership about how they can best support you. 

More information about the Multi Factor Authentication App

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Subject Advisor updates

Pearson General qualifications bulletins are sent regularly providing you with key information and updates on our qualifications and assessments for both UK and International centres.

General Qualifications bulletin

We send out regular Vocational Qualification Bulletins to keep centres informed of our support and services. You can sign-up for these and also read previous bulletins on our website. 

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Previous vocational qualification bulletins



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