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Getting Ready for Results Day 2024

1 July 2024

Access key information and guidance for the Summer 2024 results period for GCSE, International GCSE and AS/A level Maths and Statistics, including key dates, details of post-results services and grade boundaries.

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Exam Feedback

As we come towards the end of the exam series, we would like you to share your feedback on this year's papers.  We wish to provide students with the best possible experience, and your insights are crucial in helping us achieve this goal.

If you are a teacher whose students have taken any of our externally set assignments or exams in the May/June 2024 series, we are eager to hear your thoughts.

Your feedback will play a vital role in shaping the future of our qualifications and assessments. Your input will be shared with our senior examiners and across our subject teams to help us continuously improve future assessments.

Exam session Results to centres Results to students
AS/A level Summer 24 14 August 2024 15 August 2024
GCSE, International GCSE Summer 24 21 August 2024 22 August 2024

To access our results services and secure materials, and you will need an Edexcel Online login (EOL) to access this. EOL accounts are managed by the centre Exams Officer / EOL Administrator. If, as a teacher, you need an EOL login please talk to your Exams Officer who will be able to get you set up. 

Please note that as an additional step for securing customer and learner data we have now introduced our new app-based multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all users of Edexcel Online, replacing the email-based MFA. The app is now mandatory to access Edexcel Online via the Pearson Portal. If you've not done so already, you'll need to download the Pearson authenticator app to a smart device (such as a smart phone) to continue to access Edexcel online via the Pearson Portal.

Results documents

The results documents available for Exams Officers to download in Edexcel online are:

  • Broadsheets (CSV/PDF) - shows all summer results
  • Component mark list (CSV/PDF) - shows the paper marks, paper weighting, overall marks and grades awarded to candidates by subject (linear qualifications) or unit (modular qualifications). 
  • Contributing units report (CSV/PDF) - shows how individual units have contributed to cash-in grades for modular qualifications.
  • Candidate statement of provisional results (CSPRs) - (PDF) - a statement of results per candidate which includes overall grades, and contributing units for modular subjects.

You can access Summer 2024 grade boundaries on our website from results day. In addition to the official grade boundaries that are produced at subject level, we will also be providing notional grade boundaries at paper level. These can help you mark and assess future mocks.

Exam materials from the Summer 2024 exam series will be made available on our website (secure download) on the following dates:

Assessment materials Date of availability on website
Question Papers Tuesday 2 July
Mark Schemes Tuesday 16 July 
GCE Examiner Reports Tuesday 20 August (available on ResultsPlus from Results Day)
GCSE Examiner Reports Tuesday 27 August (available on ResultsPlus from Results Day)

ResultsPlus - our online results analysis tool

ResultsPlus is our free online results analysis tool, that gives you a detailed breakdown of your students’ performance in Pearson Edexcel exams.

It provides you with the most detailed analysis available of your students’ performance. ResultsPlus will help you to identify topics and skills where your students could benefit from further learning – helping them gain a deeper understanding of their subject.

Teachers can sign into ResultsPlus using their Edexcel Online username and password if their account profile has ResultsPlus access granted by the Exams Officer. 

Examiner Reports can be obtained from ResultsPlus on results day by following the steps below:

  • Log into Results Plus using your Edexcel Online details
  • Once you are logged in under your centre, select 'ResultsPlus Analysis'.
  • Then select 'Whole cohort results' followed by 'Cohort paper analysis'.
  • Select the relevant qualification and series, eg 'GCE' and 'June 2024', followed by the relevant subject and 'View paper analysis'.
  • Select 'Exam docs' and you will find the Examiner Report for that component.

Training Event

Our credible specialists, Chris and Mel from JustMaths, are running a training session on 10 July to run through everything you need to know about GCSE Maths: ResultsPlus and Access To Scripts.

Find out more and book your place

Access to Scripts

You can also use our free Access to Scripts service to view your candidates’ marked exam scripts online or download as a PDF. It is available from results day until the 13 December 2024.

Providing a rich source of information, you can use this service to help make decisions about requesting a review of marking, but it can also help inform future teaching and learning and gives insights and visibility that performance data alone cannot provide. 

If scripts have been marked ‘traditionally’ (ie not online), you will need to request them, free of charge, by 13 December 2024, via the Post Results section of Edexcel Online as in previous exam series. 

Note, you will need 'Exam viewer' in your Edexcel Online profile if you want to download candidate scripts from results day. Please ask your Exams Officer if you need this adding to your profile.

Discover more about Access to Scripts, along with FAQs and a step-by-step User Guide.

See how teachers have been using Access to Scripts

"An excellent service, we have used it to inform our teaching"

Take a look at the Access to Scripts case studies to see how a number of schools and colleges have been using this service to evaluate how their students performed in the exams, identify skills gaps, help tailor future teaching plans and to develop staff CPD.

Please note, candidate consent is required before requesting script copies, as per section 4.2 of the JCQ's Post-results services guide. Candidate consent can only be obtained after results have been published.

Post-results support services

If you're not happy with your students' results this summer, you should take the following steps:

  • View the grade boundaries, question papers, mark schemes and examiner reports for the paper/qualification concerned.
  • View your students’ scripts using our free access to scripts service.
  • Log in to ResultsPlus to see how your students have performed on every question and compare their performance to the national average.
  • If you are still unhappy with your students' results, you may apply for a review of marking via our post-results services. 

Full details of all our post-results services are available on our website.

The deadline for requesting a Review of marking and moderation (ROMM) is 26 September 2024 for GCSE, A level and International GCSE (Service 1, 2 and 3). 

How to apply for post-results services

Please speak to your Exams Officer if you wish to proceed with a review of marking. Exams officers should contact their Centre Account Specialist on 0344 463 2535 if they require guidance or watch our post results video. All applications for reviews of marking must be submitted through Edexcel Online.

Post-results support for students

We have a dedicated web page for student post-results support. Please forward this link to your students where they can find information on the services for students.


A centre that is dissatisfied with the outcome of a review of marking or moderation (RoMM), special consideration or access arrangement request, or malpractice determination may wish to appeal against the decision. We will allow the head of centre (or designated member of the centre’s senior management team or examinations manager)

  • 30 calendar days from the receipt of the outcome to lodge an appeal against a RoMM decision
  • 14 calendar days from the receipt of the outcome to lodge an appeal against a malpractice decision 
  • 14 calendar days from the receipt of the original decision to lodge an appeal against a special consideration or access arrangement decision.

Appeals should be submitted using the appeals webform

There is further guidance on appeals on our website. 

Applications for appeals may only be accepted from a head of centre (on behalf of a candidate or a group of candidates) or private candidates. See the JCQ appeals booklet, 46 & 47.


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As part of our post series support, the Maths Team at Pearson have developed a comprehensive package of resources and training events to support teachers. 

Our support for teachers includes;
  • Skills maps
  • Exemplars
  • Results data spreadsheets
  • Enhanced QLA
  • Shadow papers with student-friendly mark schemes
  • Exam Insights Network Events (incl Post-16 GCSE)
  • Marking Guidance Training Events

Our Post Series Support Timeline documents include release dates and links to all our support to make it easy for you to plan.

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You can find information for all our Exam Insights Network Events and register on the Pearson Development Academy website:

Book on to our training events

Thank you

On behalf of the Pearson Edexcel Maths team, we want to thank everyone in schools and colleges for your dedication in supporting students and helping to make sure they achieve the grades they deserve. We wish you and your students a well-deserved break over the summer, and the best of luck on results day.

I hope you found this update useful. You can contact me through the channels below if you have any questions. 

Best regards

Vicky Wood

Subject Advisor for Mathematics and Statistics (UK)

Subject advisor


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