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BTEC International Business

6 December 2022

This page covers our International BTEC qualifications in Business, Enterprise and Marketing:

  • BTEC International Level 2 Business
  • BTEC International Level 3 Business and Enterprise & Entrepreneurship
  • BTEC International Level 3 Marketing
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Pearson BTEC Internatioonal

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What is BTEC?


What is BTEC?
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Our BTEC International qualifications


BTEC International Level 2 in Business

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BTEC International Level 2



New International Level 2 qualifications have been developed for first teaching from September 2022.

For first teaching from September 2022 this qualification comes in four sizes:

  • BTEC International Level 2 Award in Business (120 glh)
  • BTEC International Level 2 Certificate in Business (240 glh)
  • BTEC International Level 2 Extended Certificate in Business (360 glh)
  • BTEC International Level 2 Diploma in Business. (480 glh)



BTEC International Level 3 in Business

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BTEC International Level 3


Enterprise & Entrepreneurship

The specification for International Level 3 Business and International Level 3 Enterprise & Entrepreneurship is available on the qualification page.

The following support materials are also available:

  • Scheme of work
  • Sample assignments
  • Unit delivery guidance
  • Authorised Assignment Briefs
  • Pearson Set Assignments (PSAs)

The student resources are available as e-texts on the Learning Hub site.

List of units:

Unit 1: Exploring Business
Unit 2: Research and Plan a Marketing Campaign
Unit 3: Business Finance
Unit 4: Managing an Event
Unit 5: International Business
Unit 6: Principles of Management
Unit 7: Business Decision Making
Unit 8: Human Resources
Unit 14: Investigating Customer Service
Unit 20: Business Ethics
Unit 23: Work Experience in Business
Unit 28: Sales Techniques and Processes
Unit 32: Business and Environmental Sustainability
Unit 33: Enterprise and Entrepreneurs
Unit 34: Launch and Run an Enterprise
Unit 35: Survival and Growth
Unit 37: Intrapreneurship and Innovation
Unit 39: Developing an Enterprise Strategy

Partnership with the Chartered Management Institute (CMI)
We’ve agreed with CMI that students studying the Pearson BTEC International Level 3 in Business and Enterprise are eligible for Foundation Chartered Manager status, awarded only by CMI.



BTEC International Level 3 in Business

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BTEC International Level 3


In an ever-changing and fast-paced world, marketing skills are key to modern-day businesses especially during and post the pandemic.

The ability to understand and create compelling stories which speak to the needs of an audience, where they are and at the time they need it, are important skills in every organisation and essential skills for a marketing professional to possess.

The new BTEC International Level 3 in Marketing qualification is available in a range of sizes and pathways to suit the needs of your learners. It’s digital content and resources have been created in partnership with The School of Marketing to help your learners to acquire current industry knowledge, and apply skills that are required from a modern-day marketer.

Learners will be able to understand and apply marketing principles such as; customer communications, marketing regulations, creating customer loyalty, influencer marketing, market research, digital marketing and more.

 Go to the qualification page

BTEC Marketing+ is a new digital resource that supports your delivery of our BTEC in Marketing. It features the latest industry content from the School of Marketing, which makes it ideal for blended learning delivery , this innovative online resource gives your learners videos, infographics, case studies, work activities, self-learning quizzes and more, to enhance and secure learning aims of the qualification and keeps your learners engaged.

Partnership with the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM)
Recognised by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) this new course in Marketing, will propel your learners career prospects and prepare them to apply their marketing knowledge across various sectors and industries.


Interested in delivering an International BTEC qualification?


To offer any of our academic or vocational qualifications, your organisation must be one of our approved centres.

To become an approved centre, please use the form using the link below to register your interest.

Go to the International Centre Approval Form


Support for assessment


Pearson has responded to the growing requirement for digital programme management that the pandemic has brought about. As more international centres adopt Pearson Progress, we are delighted to announce that Pearson Progress now supports BTEC qualifications at all levels across the international vocational suite.

Pearson Progress is a complementary assessment and workflow management system for BTEC qualifications. It is designed for centres and learners with the aim of making the BTEC journey as smooth as possible. The platform simplifies all stages of BTEC, from course creation to completion. Administration time is greatly reduced, allowing you to focus on other areas of your role. We anticipate that Pearson Progress will become our default system for assessment and verification in the future.

Find out more about Pearson Progress

We have added 10 short video tutorials to the Pearson Support Portal, which will walk Pearson Progress users through key activities and platform features, from setting up BTEC courses and assessments, to annotating learner work on screen, and transferring work, feedback and grades if learners change courses part way through. The videos include topics for Pearson Progress managers, teachers and learners, and we will be releasing additional videos in the coming weeks.

Watch the Pearson Progress video tutorials

If your centre is using Pearson Progress, let us know your thoughts about additional features or tasks that you would like us to cover by emailing


FAQs which deal with Covid-related issues.

Go to the BTEC International FAQs


In order to access the ACS, you will need to complete the form using the following options:


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Customer options Teacher & Department Heads
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You can then complete the rest of the online form providing all the information relevant to your case, attach the assignment brief once you have submitted the case.

Please ensure that you have also read the ACS terms & conditions.

Find out more about the Assignment Checking Service


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