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T Levels May 2024 update

Mon May 13 14:24:00 UTC 2024

Welcome to May's T Level update.

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The entry window for Core component assessments for the summer 2024 series is now open. You must make an entry for every student wishing to enter the assessment.

If you are making resit entries, please ensure you are familiar with the resit rules, which you can find in the TQ specification, or watch our support video on assessment, results and resits on our training and admin support page.

The approval window will open in February for Providers commencing delivery in September 2024. You must gain approval for each Technical Qualification you wish to deliver.

Please watch our provider approval video before starting your application process.

You can find support documents and approval forms on our training and admin support page, including:

  • A guide to provider approval
  • Guidance document Pearson vocational provider approval application for T Level Technical Qualifications
  • Pearson T Level Technical Qualification delivery approval application form
  • Pearson vocational provider approval application for T Level Technical Qualifications

If you have any questions about provider approval, please contact us via the Pearson support portal.

You will start receiving standard and modified question papers for the summer series Core exams from 16 May. You will start receiving attendance registers and labels from 13 May.

The yellow label service is in place for Providers to return scripts. Please read the yellow label service guidance for exams officers on the government website.

Availability of electronic copies of question papers

If you require electronic copies of question papers, for example if you make a very late entry or need to print onto coloured paper, they will be available to download from the BTEC and T Level assessment download page.

This is available for all question papers and tasks that are dispatched as a hard copy. Any material accessed as a digital download only will remain on the secure tests web page

Secure Download Service (SDS) and accessing secure materials

Exams officers and exams office staff can access electronic copies of question papers via our Secure Download Service (SDS) using their Edexcel Online (EOL) username and password.

Secure materials for assessments will be available to download from our BTEC and T Level assessment download page. As with SDS, access to these materials is restricted to exams staff with the SDS permission on their account.

Access the BTEC and T Level assessment download page

Please ensure that all required staff have the SDS permission on their Edexcel Online accounts. Please contact us to add this to any exams office accounts that are missing this permission ahead of any assessments. We recommend that at least two members of Provider staff have this access.

In urgent circumstances where SDS is not an option, we can send electronic copies of question papers via our Secure File Transfer system. However, we will not be able to do this on the day of the exam without a secure call back to your Provider’s main telephone number. This may result in delays, including potentially impacting the assessment in question, so please ensure all required staff have SDS access set up before assessments take place. 

We are collaborating with the Gatsby Foundation on resources for our T Levels, and they hope to create new teaching and CPD support resources soon for selected topics in the core, based on provider feedback.

CITB offers grants to employers who take on T Level students in industry placements. Please share this with your employers and encourage them to apply. 

Read more about CITB’s Into Work grant

The Hazardous Materials Occupational Specialism will be replaced with a new ‘Construction Management’ specialism. We are keen to get your employers’ views on the design of the new specialism.

Please forward this short survey to any interested parties

We published draft pre-publication versions of the specifications on our website which were submitted to IfATE and Ofqual earlier this year. We are pleased to announce that these were approved last month, and we are now busy making the final minor amendments based on feedback. Full publication versions will be made available shortly, but you can be confident in using the current draft version to assist your planning for September 2024 delivery.

Download the specifications from our Technical Qualification page

We are working on teaching and assessment support resources, so look out for these in the coming months:

  • Delivery guides and schemes of work – April 2024
  • Recorded training for OS assessments – May 2024
  • Live online training – T Level overview and Core assessments – June/July 2024 

The 2024 specification is now available on the website, with minor amendments made following feedback. This applies to learners starting in the 2024/25 academic year.

If you are interested in joining our Digital expert panel, please email david.pautsch@pearson.com.

Our curriculum planners to support delivery planning are available, with separate summer and autumn versions to reflect decoupling.

Gatsby have been working on resources for the Digital T Level that will support teaching and learning. These have been created by industry experts like Raspberry Pi and our own examiners to support you in class. They will be rolled out starting this term, so watch this space and keep an eye on Gatsby's website.

We have worked with Cisco and their Networking Academy on teaching resources for Python and other programming languages used in the Occupational Specialism. It's completely free to sign up and become a Cisco Networking Academy centre. 

Legal Services

We’ve recently added several resources to support your delivery, including schemes of work for the Core and OS components, exemplar materials for the Employer Set Project, and a Content Overview for Core Paper 2.

Access all resources via the course materials web page


The 2024 specification is now available on the website, with minor amendments made following feedback. This applies to learners starting in the 2024/25 academic year.

Have you used the student exemplar response for the Employer Set Project for Accounting?

Please complete this short survey to let us know how you got on

Curriculum planners for the Core and Occupational Specialism Components are available on the course materials page.

Accounting AdSAM - Task 1 is undergoing further improvements for Student/Provider usability. The updated documents will be available in June 2024.

Don’t forget about our professional body support for the Accounting Occupational Specialism.

The ACCA are planning an employer webinar to gain their interest in supporting your student's industry placements. Please contact rob.alder@accaglobal.com if you’d like to discuss how your students are accessing placements and progression into employment after their T Level in Accounting.

Explore our ACCA partnership support


The 2024 specification is now available on the website, with minor amendments made following feedback. This applies to learners starting in the 2024/25 academic year.

Have you used the student exemplar response, Employer Set Project for Finance?

Please complete this short survey to let us know how you got on

The CII are hosting a series of training sessions to support teachers in delivering the Insurance Practitioner and Investment Banking and Asset and Wealth Management Analyst occupational specialisms.

Explore the available events and book your place

The CII have a dedicated T Levels page to support you. If you’re interested in communicating with the CII, especially in relation to industry placements, they will be able to help you find local employers to suit work with you, please contact them via the form on their page.

Find out more about the CII support for T Levels

The draft qualification description has been published

Read the draft qualification description

We will be holding our first Provider webinar for Marketing on Wednesday 19 June at 3.30 p.m. We are mid-way through the development; this session will give you the opportunity to hear from our development team and product manager as to how the specification content and assessments are shaping up.

Register for the Marketing Provider webinar

There is still time to join our Provider Validation Panel and be part of the development. This will give you the opportunity to feed into the content and assessment, making sure it is appropriate and accessible for your students and manageable for you to deliver.

Join our Provider Validation Panel

Get involved

All T Levels have Provider and Employer Panels to assist with the development and delivery. We are currently developing the Marketing T level and recruiting for the provider and employer panels.

If you or any employer would like to get involved, please contact Andrew Hambelton via tlevelsemployers@pearson.com.

Our training and admin support page gathers everything you need to support your T Level delivery, from training and events to videos and documents to assist in administrating the qualifications.

  • On-demand training such as Getting to Know the Specification, Employer Set Project training, Keeping it Simple materials, and our termly policy update.
  • T Level live training where you can search for events and book Q&A networks, Getting Ready to Teach events, Getting Ready to Assess events.
  • Our training archive collects recordings of past events if you are unable to attend any of our live training sessions or want to listen again.
  • Administration documents and support, including key dates schedules, Provider approval guidance, administration support guides for assessment, videos to support making registrations and entries, understanding resit rules, and much more.

Unfortunately, our face-to-face events on The Inside Track on T Levels – best practice and guidance have been cancelled due to low numbers. However, we will still be delivering our planned sessions via on-line events during that week. We will focus on transitioning to T Levels in your curriculum from other vocational qualifications, bringing T Level to life and sharing good practice from experienced Providers.

See more details and book your place

If you need specific support with your T Level, our subject advisors are here to help. You can book a 15-minute one-to-one call where you can discuss any issue you are having with regards to planning or delivery of your T Level.

Find your subject advisor and get in touch


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