5 ways you can help your learners to a skill-based, career focused 2022 with BTEC

Mon Jan 10 10:00:00 UTC 2022

It is a new year, most of us have set our goals for the year ahead and are looking to the future. 

Here are a few points which might help you support your learners with their ambitions for this year and beyond.

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1. Offer them work-related programmes from Level 2 through to professional courses at postgraduate level.  

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2. Give your learners access to learning programmes in new and specialist subject areas like: 


Robotic Operations

Electrical Automotive Manufacture

Artificial Intelligence

3. Offer learning programmes that reflect the needs of a workforce designed, developed and validated in partnership with industry leaders, educators and government

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4. Support your learners with practical, hands-on learning experiences whether they choose to take their skills straight into employment or to further or higher education. 

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5. Provide online blended and digital learning experience with Learning Hub our digital learning platform 

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