Introducing your Vocational Quality Advisors

Welcome to your dedicated Quality Nominee Support Hub.  

This is the place to get quick answers to your questions, support with planning training for both experienced and new Quality Nominees and Lead Internal Verifiers, access to face-to face and online networking with other QNs as well as easy access to more help if you still need it.

We've created a single point of contact (email and telephone) where your named Account Specialist will be on hand to answer any vocational quality questions you may have. If they're unable to answer your question straight away it will be referred to our expert team of Vocational Quality Advisors who will respond personally.

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Vocational Quality Advisors Team

Use the map to locate the VQA who supports your centre.

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Rhonda Simpson

I'm the Vocational Quality Advisor ​for​ London, Essex and Kent, highlighted red on the map. I have worked in schools, FE and HE for 17 years in roles planning and teaching BTECs and implementing quality assurance. Recently I was responsible for quality practices in a large college ensuring they were consistent and in line with awarding bodies' policies and procedures. I have worked with Pearson as a Standard Verifier and Centre Quality Reviewer over the past 10 years. I am looking forward to meeting you online and face to face, sharing knowledge and experience and aim to provide the best possible support to you! 

Howard Wilson

I’m the Vocational Quality Advisor for the East of the country showing as blue on the map. I’ve worked for Pearson for nine years, firstly as a Curriculum Development Manager and then as a Regional Quality Manager - many Quality Nominees in the area will remember me in those roles. Before that I was a Principal Lecturer and Head of Department at an FE/HE Institution for over twenty years teaching a diverse range of subjects. I’m passionate about vocational education and look forward to supporting you and your teams to achieve the highest quality standards and best outcomes for your learners.

Sue Smith

I am the Vocational Quality Advisor for the South West of the country showing as green on the map. I have been involved in teaching and training for over 25 years. The last 13 have been in the FE/HE sector as a practitioner, curriculum manager and Quality Nominee. I have also worked as a BTEC Associate. Throughout my career vocational quality has been the driving force to ensure my learners enjoy their programmes and are successful. Having recently left FE I fully understand the strategic demands and pressures that exist, and look forward to supporting you and your centre to continually develop a strong quality platform for the success of your learners.

Helen Elshaw

I’m the Vocational Quality Advisor for the West Midlands and surrounding areas as well as Wales and Northern Ireland showing as yellow on the map. I’ve worked with Pearson for many years as Standards Verifier, Examiner and a Centre Quality Reviewer alongside being a Curriculum Manager and a Head of School in a large college. With a background strongly based in quality, I really enjoy the continual development and improvement required within the sector!

Michele Watson

I’m the Vocational Quality Advisor for the North West and Scotland area showing as purple on the map. I’m an experienced BTEC practitioner, with experience of delivering, programme managing and quality assuring BTECs in large FE colleges including seven years as a Quality Nominee. Having been a QN, I can empathise with the challenges of the role! I’m looking forward to supporting you so that you, your teams and your learners can achieve success, and while there’s lots of common support I recognise that each centre is unique.

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