Academic Management Review assures Pearson that alternative providers are managing higher-level provision in line with national standards. It also helps support your centre to ensure that you have a complete understanding of the requirements for managing, delivering, and assessing the higher level BTEC qualifications below. 

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  • BTEC Higher National Level 4-5 
  • BTEC Strategic Management Level 7, and  
  • BTEC Level 5 Diploma in Education and Training. 

Academic Management Review also applies to Alternative Providers and FE Colleges where an approved exceptional arrangement is in place. 

AMR takes the form of an annual visit that critically reviews centre-wide quality assurance systems.  It focuses on cross-centre management of the vocational provision and scrutiny of current centre records.  

We allocate an Academic Management Reviewers in November/ December, to conduct a review of your centre-wide quality assurance systems against our Quality Objectives and Measures framework to provide judgements and feedback. The AMR review visits take place annually between January and March, with any actions required followed up within 3 months of you receiving your report. 

  • Academic Management Review is in addition to External Examiner verification, which must still be completed successfully to claim certificates for students. 
  • Academic Management Reviewers support you in identifying good practice and areas for further development. 

The Academic Management Reviewer will select several students registered at your centre and review student records between registration and certificate claims.  The Reviewer will also request to interview learners on the programme(s) of study. If you have additional sites, the reviewer may visit these sites as part of the visit. 
The Academic Management Reviewer will make a judgement against each quality measure in their report and provide a commentary based upon the evidence presented to justify their decisions. These can be found in the Centre Guide to Academic Management Review. 
This quality assurance process is a supportive and developmental process, which will benefit your centre, whether new to Level 4- 7 provision, or an experienced provider, Academic Management Review supports you to identify good practice and areas for further improvement. 

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