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Subject update | 11 November 2022

BTEC assessment for academic year 2022-2023

This update is for BTEC Science qualifications and summaries the assessment arranagements in place for this academic year.

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BTEC Assessment 2022-2023

Ofqual confirmed the subject content and assessment arrangements for qualifications in the following academic year (2022/23). They confirmed that:

For other qualifications, including vocational and technical qualifications taught alongside or instead of GCSEs, AS and A levels, a range of adaptations were permitted in academic year 2021 to 2022. […] Given that public health restrictions are no longer in place, these adaptations are no longer necessary for the academic year 2022 to 2023 onwards.”

This means internal assessment adaptations and streamlined assessment will not be available in 2022/23 so centres should teach and assess the BTEC qualifications as normal in full, for all students being assessed this year.

BTEC Nationals in Applied Science and Forensic and Criminal Investigation Unit 3 (31619H) assessment

The changes implemented to BTEC Nationals in Applied Science and Forensic and Criminal Investigation Unit 3 (31619H) assessment that is described in the guidance below will stay in place this academic year and future years.

As you will read in the guidance, learners no longer have a practical task to complete for Part A going forward. Instead they are given a 45-minute reading period to understand and review a scientific method and experimental data that was generated from the method. Learners will then complete Part B straight after on the same day which will remain unchanged in structure and format.

You can view the latest exam materials for Unit 3 on the link below to help you understand the present assessment structure.

We have also produced Additional Sample Assessment Material that were released when the changes were first implemented. This consisted of an updated version of the January 2020 Unit 3 exam paper to show how the Part A and B assessments would have looked if we had implemented the changes in January 2020.


Timetables for 2023 external assessments are available on our timetables page below.

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