New apprenticeships Healthcare Science Assistant (L2)

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This apprenticeship has been designed to be taken by anyone wanting to work as a Healthcare Science Assistant across a range of departments within hospitals, general practice and other settings in the healthcare sector. Apprentices will perform a range of low risk, routine, technical and scientific procedures usually in one broad area of Healthcare Science.

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Mandatory requirements

In order to meet the apprenticeship standard apprentices will be required to hold or achieve a:

  • Minimum of Level 1 English and attempt a Level 2 English
  • Minimum of Level 1 Maths and attempt a Level 2 Maths
  • Level 2 Diploma in Healthcare Science
  • Collect evidence of personal and professional development gained from 2 multisource feedback (MSF) exercises conducted at approximately 3 months from the start of the apprenticeship and 4 months from completion of the apprenticeship.

The on-programme pace will be driven by the apprentice as well as by the breadth of experience an employer can offer prior to the minimum of 12 months, after which end-point assessment will take place.


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