In recent years, universities and employers have highlighted the need for students and graduates to develop a range of transferable skills, often referred to as ‘soft skills’, to enable them to better meet the demands of undergraduate study and the world of work.

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In fact, universities and employers consider transferable skills to be the largest skills gap overall.

  • 1 in 6 employers have difficulty finding candidates with the skills they require
  • 54% of companies say that skills shortages impact their ability to serve their customers
  • 1 in 3 skills in a job posting is a 'soft skill'
  • 87% of University professors do not think students have the research skills needed for degree-level study

The transferable skills gap demonstrates that students require more than just ‘knowledge’ to be successful. It’s about skills as well as knowledge to be successful at Higher-Education and in the workplace. 

 “It is really the more fundamental skills like teamwork and communication that seem to matter the most, that employers demand the most” - Guy Berger, chief economist at LinkedIn

Check out our infographic to find out how Edexcel International GCSEs (9-1) equip students with the transferable skills needed for university and the workplace.