Why choose our specification?

Our GCSE (9–1) History qualification supports great history teaching to help students become confident and successful historians.

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With our specification, you can teach the topics that work best for you and your students. It encompasses a wide range of themes, historical events and eras, so students can understand the past and its impact on the world around us. And when it comes to our assessments, they’re built to encourage every student to best show what they know and can do. Shaped by hundreds of practising teachers and the history education community, we've created a qualification that offers:

We’ve had a great response to our qualification, which offers maximum choice and flexibility with a broader and more interesting range of options for students to explore, and the right blend of familiar and new content.

Only our specification offers a manageable approach to the Historic Environment requirement, with high-quality support and sites that will stay the same throughout the lifetime of the course. That way, you can focus on teaching the history rather than planning and finding resources.

Our assessments are designed to be straightforward and consistent, encouraging all students to show what they know and understand about history to the best of their ability. Our three shorter papers cover specific areas of study, allowing students to focus more on certain topics and skills. They feature clear questions and accessible language throughout, while our mark schemes are reliable and informative.

Our unbeatable support package helps you plan, teach, track and assess our qualification with confidence. We have published resources available for every option, and a huge range of free support including events and mapping documents to help you get started straight away, local collaborative network events to share best practice, our new interactive scheme of work and comprehensive assessment guidance – all designed to support you and your students on their journey from 11 to 19.

Mark Battye, your dedicated History Subject Advisor, is on hand to help whenever you need any support and advice for teaching. Sign up to his emails, follow him on Twitter, and catch up with him at events.