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Join our history team at the wide range of events taking place across the country and online.

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GCSE network events

At these regular face-to-face or online events you can join our GCSE specialists to develop deeper knowledge of our History qualificiations. This term's events give you the opportunity to:

  • look at how sources and interpretations are assessed
  • talk through marked exemplar work
  • discuss both common barriers and examples of what makes a high-level response
  • network and share teaching ideas and strategies.

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Access pre-recorded sessions from our network events.

Topic-based events 

A range of paid-for events that look at how specific topics fit into the GCSE course as a whole are available to book. Each event will explore specification structure and content, discuss teaching activities and strategies and give delegates the opportunity to ask questions and network with other teachers.

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Documents from previous events:

Mocks marking training event documents

Mock exams will be key to gaining a snapshot of how students are performing during the new qualification. Our mocks marking training events will help you apply the new mark schemes, so you can be confident you’re getting a clear picture of their achievement.

Course description and supporting documents

This pre-recorded training is an introduction to our online and face-to-face mocks marking training events.

It will give you an overview of:

  • the assessment requirements of the new specification
  • the new types of questions that exist within the revised papers
  • how mark schemes are developed to match the question asked
  • some sample student responses to questions
  • how we can support you in marking your students' work.

Getting ready to teach event documents

From autumn 2015 to spring 2017, we ran getting ready to teach events for History GCSE (9–1) across the country and online. These events allowed delegates to:

  • discover more about the structure and content of the new specification
  • discuss strategies for teaching the course
  • explore question papers and mark schemes for each exam
  • hear about the support available to guide practitioners through these changes
  • get answers to questions about the new course.

To support teachers who were unable to attend an event, we've made the materials available in two different formats: PDF documents and pre-recorded presentations.

Access the full getting ready to teach training materials

The full materials used at the 5-hour face-to-face events are given below. The main presentation has embedded notes that will talk you through the specification content and assessment and tell you what other documents you will need to access along the way.

Simply follow these two easy steps:

  1. Open the document called 'GCSE History Getting ready to Teach walkthrough 2016' and scroll through each page.

  2. When you are prompted to refer to another document, simply find that document below and click on it to open.

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Watch a pre-recorded presentation

This link will take you to a pre-recorded presentation, with audio talking you through the slides. The presentation is divided into four recordings:

  • Part 1: Introduction, Assessment Objectives and Basic Principles.
  • Part 2: Paper 1 - The Thematic Study.
  • Part 3: Paper 2 - The Breadth Study and British Depth Study.
  • Part 4: Paper 3 - The Modern Depth Study.

Sources and interpretations network event

We have run network events around the country and online on sources and interpretations in the GCSE (9-1) History qualification. The pack and the slides can be downloaded here:

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