The current BTEC Nationals (2010) are already widely recognised for university admission and attract UCAS points. This will continue for the new BTEC Nationals from 2016.

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Why employers and Higher Education support the new BTEC Nationals

Why employers and Higher Education support the new BTEC Nationals
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Alongside A levels, BTECs are the most widely recognised qualification for admission to higher education (HE) - nearly a quarter of all students starting HE courses in England in 2015 had achieved a BTEC National qualification.

UCAS have revised the 2017 Tariff for all qualifications with a brand new system of Tariff Points - we can confirm that:

  • the current BTEC Nationals (2010) and their predecessors will remain on the new UCAS Tariff, aligned with A levels as they are now

  • UCAS will add the new BTEC Nationals (2016) to the Tariff, aligning them with the current BTEC Nationals (2010).

What higher education says about the new BTEC Nationals

Over 150 universities and higher education (HE) colleges offering degree courses accept BTECs; in 2013, the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) confirmed that the number of students entering HE with a combination of BTEC and A levels had increased nearly 4-fold in the previous 5 years.