All approved BTEC centres have access to our teacher support materials. This includes introductory teaching resources and assessment support.

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Introductory materials

Available introductory materials include:

  • Delivery plans
  • Delivery guides
  • Schemes of work
  • Authorised Assignment briefs
  • Pearson Set Assignments

These materials can be access through your EO login details which you should have received with your approval for becoming a BTEC Centre.  

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Additional learning resources

In addition to our introductory materials, we have produced Student Books for teachers and learners. These Student Books contains all the content that teachers and students will need to support the teaching, assessment and learning required to progress through the BTEC International Level 2 qualifications.

Written by an expert team of BTEC teachers and professionals, these Student Books includes:

  • Full coverage of unit content where a unit is included
  • Activities that will help to better understand the content and apply new skills, as well as case studies that will help students apply their knowledge to the industry
  • Key terms explained and interesting facts highlighted to help relate the student’s learning to the workplace
  • ‘Check my learning’ activities to help students review their own learning, as well as ‘Checkpoint’ and ‘Take it further’ features to extend their knowledge and understanding
  • Plenty of opportunities to practise the student’s skills for assessment, and guidance to help prepare for the externally-set tasks

Student Books are available for the following subjects: