This easy-to-use Student Book contains all the content that teachers and students will need to support the teaching, assessment and learning required to progress through the BTEC International Level 2 in Engineering.

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Written by an expert team of BTEC teachers and professionals, this Student Book includes:

  • Full coverage of unit content where a unit is included

  • Activities that will help to better understand the content and apply new skills, as well as case studies that will help students apply their knowledge to the industry

  • Key terms explained and interesting facts highlighted to help relate the student’s learning to the workplace 

  • ‘Check my learning’ activities to help students review their own learning, as well as ‘Checkpoint’ and ‘Take it further’ features to extend their knowledge and understanding

  • Plenty of opportunities to practise the student’s skills for assessment, and guidance to help prepare for the externally-set tasks

Course content

List of units:

  • Unit 1: Working Safely and Effectively in Engineering
  • Unit 2: Engineering Thinking Skills to Create Solutions
  • Unit 3: Investigating an Engineering Project
  • Unit 4: Engineering Maintenance

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