Industry engagement

The decision to develop the BTEC Higher Nationals in Cloud Computing was the result of extensive research around the future skills demand for the digital and computing sector and the evolving partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to enhance learning and skills development for higher education students.

It was clear that there is, and will continue to be, a skills shortage of suitably qualified cloud computing experts. With more and more businesses adopting cloud solutions and cloud architecture, technically competent, skilled and qualified people are in short supply.  

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Industry is placed at the heart of BTEC Higher National qualifications. Throughout qualification development and validation, we work with industry experts to structure our qualifications to meet industry standards. We chose to design vendor neutral BTEC Higher Nationals in Cloud Computing with AWS expertise, and supported by AWS vendor specific resources as a unique selling point of the qualification. We additionally co-designed with industry, higher and further education experts, and students to reflect a wide range of views and experience.  

Pearson BTEC Higher Nationals provide real-world experience as well as academic knowledge. This ensures students will leave with the required expertise as identified by business and industry, and with the flexibility to go straight into employment or continue to a degree.

We are proud to have developed these qualifications with representatives from the organisations listed below, who were able to help structure our qualifications to equip learners with skills required by industry across the world. 

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Monzo 
  • British Computer Society, the Chartered Institute for IT 
  • KPMG 

Our work with Amazon Web Services (AWS)


From the outset, the Higher Nationals in Cloud Computing have been designed in collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS). 

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As well as supporting with the design and structure of the qualifications, AWS provides additional industry support for the BTEC Higher Nationals in Cloud Computing, in the form of teaching and learning materials. These courses, part of AWS Academy, relate to the learning outcomes of the qualification, providing increased support for students and tutors. AWS Academy enables delivery of hands-on learning experiences that prepare students to pursue industry-recognised AWS Certifications and in-demand jobs.

Upon completion of the Level 4 Higher National Certificate (HNC), students will be suitably prepared to attempt the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam, although it is recommended that students have six months of fundamental AWS Cloud and industry knowledge before taking the exam.

All three of the Level 5 Higher National Diploma (HND) pathways include foundational content which can help students to partially prepare for both the AWS Certified Solutions Architect and the AWS Certified Developer exams at Associate Level, with the Cloud Software Development pathway offering the most coverage in content in preparation for the latter. 

"We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Pearson on the development of the BTEC Higher Nationals in Cloud Computing. Collaborative projects like these are vital to ensure that education is meeting both sector and organisational needs. Cloud technology is expanding rapidly worldwide, and our education-to-workforce vision will help to plug the current skills gap and enable students to progress into key roles of the future." Wil Zemp, Director, Education and Workforce Development at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Industry support and recognition

For years, employers have valued the skills and knowledge that BTEC Higher National students bring to the world of work. That is why students choose to study our programmes. 

We work with industry partners post-validation to further recognise our qualifications; whether that be in the form of upskilling their own workforce with our qualifications or simply formally accepting the qualification as a part of the application process.

As well as the support from Amazon Web Services (PDF, 0.3 MB), specific companies and industry bodies that have made formal statements of support and/or actively hire BTEC Higher National students include the British Computing Society.

British Computing Society (BCS)

Cloud Computing HNC/D students are eligible for access to BCS membership student membership whilst studying, and can also progress towards becoming a professional member with the organisation. 

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Alignment with Apprenticeship Standards

The Cloud Computing qualifications have been designed to map to several digital standards. Full details of this will be available on HN Global