Here you’ll find information to support you with teaching delivery of our Level 1 qualification suite.

We have a wide range of resources to support you whether you are an established centre or a brand new centre teaching our qualifications  for the first time.

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Delivery guides

These guides provide you with detailed support for delivering the mandatory, core transferable skills units common to each or your BTEC Level 1 and below qualifications. You’ll find ideas and suggested activities to help you teach these units along with a help with assessment.

Overview guide | BTEC below Level 2 qualifications

Delivery guide | BTEC Level 1 Introductory qualifications

As part of your delivery of our suite of qualifications we have produced a handy assessment for learning tool guide that  provides you with a wide variety of tools that you can use in order to  assess learning in the classroom. You are welcome to adapt and use these in the classroom according to your centre needs. You can check these out below:

BTEC Level 1 suite assessment for learning tools for the classroom

All our level 1 intro qualifications have core units. How many of these you need to do depends on the size of the qualification you select.

To help you plan for these we have located all the resources for these in a handy place below. You are again welcome to use and adapt as you see fit:

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Internal verification support

You will need to complete internal verification as part of your role. For further information we have produced a handy video to support you with this:

Best practice in internal verification processes

If you have chosen to deliver our qualification and have a particular purpose in mind this video can support you in helping to identify a pathway to achieve this

 Delivering L1 and Entry Qualifications with a specific purpose

If you have an IT need as a result of the withdrawal of Functional Skills from ICT we have the following qualifications that can support you to achieve an IT related qualification. The guides for these are attached below

Level 1 

A guide to delivering ICT through Vocational Study Level 1

Level 2 

A guide to delivering ICT through Workskills Level 2

These two suites have their own pages so you can easily find what you are looking for.

There is a Workskills overview guide and a Personal Growth and Wellbeing guide available see links below:

Workskills overview guide

Personal Growth and Wellbeing overview guide

Further resources for these qualifications including lesson plans and resources are available via the qualification pages.

A guide for centres who are delivering qualifications in this suite to top up learner qualifications to a larger size.