June 2024 Construction update | Pearson qualifications

June 2024 Construction update

Fri Jun 14 08:24:00 UTC 2024

Here is your April 2024 update for Construction

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  • 5 July BTEC claiming deadline
  • BTEC Nationals in Construction and the Built Environment (AAQ) approved for funding
  • BTEC Tech Award updates
  • BTEC Nationals updates
  • T levels    
  • BTEC Higher Nationals (HTQs) in Civil Engineering and Building Services Engineering - first teacher September 2025

5 July BTEC claiming deadline

You should make all BTEC full award claims for learners expecting to receive a result in August 2024 by 5 July. If claims are made after the 5 July, and learners are still expecting a result in August you may be liable for a Missed claim deadline administration fee.

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BTEC Nationals in Construction and the Built Environment (AAQ) approved for funding from 1 September 2025

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Useful documents

On the specification page, under the useful documents section, you can access materials which will help you get your head around the new AAQ. 

Specification page

These materials include:

  • Preparing students for their future,
  • Support and guidance document
  • Engineering transition guide. 


Launching the Level 3 AAQ BTEC National Construction and the Built Environment

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BTEC Tech Award updates

Please view the Key dates schedule for BTEC Tech Awards below for all upcoming dates. Some of the important dates ahead are as below:

Key date Activity
28 June 2024 Deadline for amending marks following moderator feedback for internal assessment (optional)
16 August Restricted release of results to centres
22 August Release of results to learners

Access the BTEC Tech Award FAQs, covering all aspects of the qualification from registrations to certification. 

BTEC Tech Award FAQs

BTEC Firsts and Nationals 

Key dates Activity Qualification
5 July 2024 Claiming deadline to make a full award claim, inputting all internal grades, for learners expecting a result following the release of May/June 2024 external examination results BTEC FIrst and Nationals
15 August 2024 Results day (level 3) BTEC Nationals
22 August 2024 Results day (level 2) BTEC First

You can access the June 2024 question papers for Unit 1 and unit 11 exams from the qualification page. 

You can access the question papers from June 2024 series below:

T level Design, Surveying and Planning

You can access the latest specification for 1 September 2024 starters from the link below. 

Changes to the specification are listed in the pages before the content section. Please review these to identify the differences from the previous issue. 

T level DSP specification

Please also make sure that you select the correct specification, from the dropdown. See image below:


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Read the monthly T level update, which includes overall news on T levels as well as subject specfic updates. 

May 2024 update

There is a couple of training events available in September and for T level DSP, which you can search for and book from the link below. 

> Book training 

Please note that Key Dates Schedules are provisional and the dates are subject to change.

BTEC Higher Nationals (HTQs) in Civil Engineering and Building Services Engineering - first teacher September 2025

Specification documents for these two qualifications were recently published on our website and you can access them from the updated HTQ in Constuction support page below. 

HTQ in Construction support

Support and contact

Please feel free to get in touch, if you require any help or support in the teaching and assessment of our performing arts courses.
You can access my contact details below.


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