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BTEC Tech Awards January 2024 Update

21 January 2024

This is a regular series of updates in which we’ll keep you updated with the latest news and support for the Pearson BTEC Tech Awards (2022). 

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For further support, see our teaching, learning and assessment page.

January 2024 is the first available external assessment window for Child Development, Enterprise, Digital Information Technology, Sports Construction, Animal Care, Health & Social Care and Travel & Tourism.

If you need to make any last-minute entries for this series, they will be subject to a high late fee at this stage.

Entries are now also open for the May/June external assessment series.

If you need any support with entries or administration processes, we have a wealth of support available. Read our entries support articles.

Your moderators will share their draft reports with your quality nominee. If you haven’t received it already, it will be with you very shortly.

You will have a window in which to review the feedback and amend/submit revised centre marks, should you wish to do so. This window closes on Friday 26 January. If you are unhappy with the moderator feedback, you will be able to apply for a review of moderation after results are released on 21 March.

Read or watch our step-by-step guidance on how to amend marks following moderator feedback

The May/June series Pearson set assigments (PSAs) for internally assessed components are now available to download for all subjects from our website. Within each qualification’s page, head to the course materials section, then internal assessments (PSAs) to find the June 2024 downloads. You will need to enter your Edexcel Online credentials to download these materials.

Find your qualification and download your PSAs

May/June series external task-based assessments for Art and Design, Creative Media, Music and Performing Arts are now available to download from our secure tests page. These materials are gold-padlocked, meaning they are only available to exams staff.

The deadline to submit these assessments for marking via Learner Work Transfer is 10 May 2024.

Download your externally set tasks

As we approach the first availability of external assessments this January*, remember that the terminal assessment rule requires learners to take the external assessment at the end of their qualification (when the learner is due to certificate). This means that learners must sit internal component assessments either prior to or in the same series as the external assessment to fulfil this terminal rule.

If a learner chooses to retake an internal assessment in a series after they sat the terminal external assessment, they will also need to resit the external component to satisfy the terminal rule. Learners are allowed one resit of the external assessment within the programme.

Watch our video about retaking assessments.

*Creative subjects do not include a January series for external assessment.

You will submit certification claims for the new BTEC Tech Awards during the series in which learners are sitting their terminal external assessment. You will do this using the cash-in code for the qualification, which you can find in our Information Manual.

Find out more about cash-in codes.

You can make certification claims during the normal entry window for the assessment series. If you have a learner who sits their terminal assessment in January and is happy with their result, you will be able to submit a late claim following the release of January results. However, if a learner is not happy with their results and intends to resit in the May/June series, you may choose to delay claiming until making their resit entry.

Read our dedicated BTEC Tech Awards 2022: Certification FAQs for more detailed information around the claiming process. 

You can find all the live and on-demand training resources you need for Tech Awards on our BTEC Tech Awards training and resources page. Bookmark this page for any time you need to book a new live training session or review recordings of past sessions.

Explore our BTEC Tech Awards training and resources.

We have created a range of BTEC Bitesize videos to support you in a number of sectors. Use the following links to watch each subject’s playlist.

If you require subject-specific support, please contact our subject advisors.
You can sign up to subject newsletters and book one-to-one meetings with your subject advisor on our website.

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All the quality assurance you need for BTEC Tech Awards is available on our website, including the 2023-24 Centre Guide to Quality Assurance, updated bitesize videos on key processes and the assessment record template.
We invite centres to attend our Quality Assurance for the BTEC Tech Awards online event. Our January to July dates are now published, so book your place using the following link.

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