Test bookings

For many of our qualifications, learners are required to take a test, which may be onscreen or on paper. In either case you will need to book the test, so we can send you the test materials or give you access to an onscreen assessment. Our guides on the right explain how to make bookings and entries. 

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Please note that, as part of an on-going review process and the redevelopment of our assessment materials for the IHCD Paramedic Practice qualification, the following test papers will be removed from the website with immediate effect:

  • Module G multiple-choice tests
  • Module H multiple-choice tests
  • Module I1 multiple-choice tests
  • Module I2 multiple-choice tests

We will only accept results for the above test papers for exams sat up to or on 19 May 2014. Tests sat after this date will not be valid and learners will need to sit a redeveloped test paper. 


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Top FAQs for test entries

The venue ID may have not been activated against your centre or subsite. Please check the subsite currently selected is correct. If you still don’t see your venue ID please call your account specialist who will be able to activate it for you.

Please allow up to two hours from booking the test for it to download into ESM Server.

Candidate status is an indication of where the learner is based. This is a mandatory field. Please see definitions below:

Centre: learner is registered and learning with centre.

Private: a private candidate is someone who has studied outside of school/employer learning and wants to sit the exam on your premises.

Guest: learner is registered and learning with another centre, but wants to sit the exam at your centre due to issues with distance etc.