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Subject update | 10 March 2023

A level Science: Submission of the Head Teacher declaration form

This update is for A level Science and provides information about the Head Teacher declaration form that should be submitted by the 15 May.

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A level Science practical requirements for 2023

As mentioned in a previous update practical requirements return to normal in 2023 for GCSE and A level Science. This means that students sitting A level Sciences in Summer 2023 are required to meet all the CPAC conditions stated in the A level Science specifications.

To support centres with practical work we provide A level Core Practical Guides and practical playlists for each A level Science qualification. These are located on the 'Teaching and Learning Materials' pages.

A level Science practical Head Teacher form

Centres are required to sign and send in the A level Science Head Teacher form by the 15 May to declare that students have completed a minimum of 12 practical activities that meet the practical Endorsement requirements of the A level science specifications. You can access the Head Teacher declaration form, along with accompanying CPAC FAQs, from the link below. 

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The completed Head Teacher declaration form should be submitted online to Pearson via the form below.

A ‘Pass’ (P) or ‘Not Classified’ (NC) decision for each student should also be submitted on Edexcel Online by 15 May. This can be done through the  'coursework marks' option on Edexcel Online.

Note, Edexcel Online (EOL) access and profile permissions are set by the Exams Officer at each centre. If the Exams Officer requires any support with EOL then our Exams Officer support team can be contacted on 0344 463 2535.

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