Our Raising Skills: Maths course is aimed at adults who want to work towards GCSE Maths or other maths qualification to support their career progression and employment opportunities.

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Raising Skills: Maths

Why choose this course?

Raising Skills: Maths is designed to be a self-study course that can fit around the demands of life, work and family. You have the flexibility to complete the studying in your own time.

The total time required for this course is 16 hours. We advise splitting the course into chunks of 1-2 hours over 8 weeks or 2-4 hours over 4 weeks.

Course overview

The Raising Skills: Maths course is split into 8 blocks. We recommend studying these over 4 to 8 consecutive weeks.

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One-time offer

To support our adult learners during the Covid-19 pandemic this Raising Skills: English course will be free to access.

After completing this 16 hours Raising Skills course, you will be ready to start GCSE English Language or a vocational qualification. Follow this linkto information about qualifications offered by Pearson, that can be carried out online or at your local centre.

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