Art, Design and Media

Subject update | 21 June 2023

Introduction to the new Art, Design and Media Subject Advisor

This update is to introduce our new Art, Design and Media Subject Advisor.

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About me

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Hello, my name is Jaclyn Wiid and I am happy to introduce myself as your new Art, Design and Media Subject Advisor. I am following in the footsteps of an especially knowledgeable advisor and I look forward to continuing to grow and develop all the wonderful work they have done with you. My passion for the arts and their importance in education makes me feel very privileged as I support you in planning, delivering, assessing and promoting Art, Design and Media subjects.

I have worked in schools in the UK and USA since 2003 and I have taught art, photography, graphics and textiles in the UK since 2006. I have also had the opportunity to hold the Head of Department role for Art, Graphics, Music and Drama as well as the BTEC Quality Nominee role at a large BTEC centre. My teaching career has given me useful insights into what support learners and teachers need for a wide range of qualifications and how various issues associated with preparing students for assessment and certification can be addressed.

I am excited to be joining Pearson and look forward to working closely with teachers of our Art, Design and Media courses to identify and address training needs, share ideas and resources, and continue to raise the profile of the arts in education.


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