When using this facility for accessing assessments, centres will be required to document the printing, security and destruction of the papers.

For each test session, access will be given to authorized assessors to the ‘Instructions to Assessors’ document prior to the day of each test sitting. (Note: this is supplied alongside each test session on the microsite).

Specifically, a nominated individual should witness:

  • The time the test file was opened and printed
  • The amount of test papers printed

Following the printing of the exact number of test papers required, the papers should be sealed inside the envelopes and stored securely. The test papers MUST NOT be opened until the start time of the test and then only opened in front of the candidates.

Edexcel reserves the right to take appropriate action in the event of the misuse or serious lapses of security arrangements; this could include the removal of centre approval.


By printing any test paper, mark scheme or Instructions to Assessor document, I agree:

  1. to follow the procedures described in the ‘Instructions for the conduct of tests’ for the safe storage, copying, distribution and destruction of the test papers.
  2. to fully accept the terms and conditions on the microsite.
  3. that all versions of live test papers as issued previously by Edexcel on CD, will be destroyed upon our receipt of Edexcel’s microsite authorization.
  4. that for each test session:
    • access will be given to authorized assessors to the ‘Instructions to assessors document’, prior to the day of each test sitting (Note: this is supplied alongside each test paper on the microsite)
    • the correct number of test papers will be printed from the microsite
    • the test papers will then be sealed inside envelopes
    • the sealed envelopes will then be stored securely
    • the test papers WILL NOT be opened until the start time of the test
    • the test papers WILL ONLY be opened in front of the candidates
  5. that candidates who do not pass the test the first time and wish to sit it again, must resit the whole test paper from a different set.
  6. to keep an ESOL matrix (provided with the test material on the microsite) to ensure traceability of which test, from which SET, was used, for each specific candidate taking this course.
  7. Any breach of examination security must be reported to the Investigations Team at Pearson using the following email address: pqsmalpractice@pearson.com

I understand that if my centre does not follow the Edexcel exams process then our approval status will be put at risk.