The live secure examination material uploaded to our website needs to be treated with the highest level of security. The uploaded secure material is provided to the examinations officer/manager to access with enough time to conduct any administrative and/or preparation duties prior to candidates sitting the assessment. When using this facility for accessing assessments, centres will be required to document the printing, security and destruction of the papers.

Specifically, a nominated individual should witness:

  • the time the test file was opened, printed or stored securely on a password protected computer
  • the subsequent copying of the requisite number of test papers and answer sheets if printed
  • the destruction of test papers following the test, including both the electronic and hard copy

Following the printing of the exact number of test papers required, the papers should be sealed inside envelopes and stored securely. You should prepare a separate envelope for each examination venue being used. The test papers MUST NOT be opened until immediately before the start time of the test and must only be opened in front of the candidates in the examination room.

Exam material must only be stored electronically, on the secure drives of password protected computers. Materials loaded onto students’ examination accounts, must not be accessible to them until the assessments starts.

Please note that secure assessment material must only be made available to candidates on the date and time prescribed by the examination timetables.

Any breach of examination security must be reported to the Investigations Team at Pearson using the following email address:

Maintaining the confidentiality of our secure materials is of critical importance to the integrity of Pearson qualifications, and as such, we take the security of live material extremely seriously. In the event of the misuse of secure content, the failure to control electronic or physical access to content, or of other lapses in examination security, it may be necessary for Pearson to undertake an investigation, and to impose sanctions on individuals or centres as a result.


By downloading any document listed, I agree:

  • To follow the procedures described in the Centre Management Handbook for the safe storage, copying, distribution and destruction of the test papers.
  • To maintain accurate records detailing the administration of tests, which will be available for review at any spot check or external verification visit by Edexcel.
  • To report any breach of examination security to the Investigations team at Edexcel.

I understand that if my centre does not follow the Edexcel exams process, then our approval status is at risk.