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About the role

An aviation ground operative could work in a number of environments, such as a commercial airport, military base / aerodrome, heliport or other airfield.

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With five key specialist functions, all working in conjunction with each other, Aviation Ground Operators form the teams above and below wing to ensure the efficient and effective arrival, turnaround and departure of aircraft.

At the heart of the role safety, security and compliance with aviation regulations focus each operator’s day-to-day duties. Effective communication and team work ensure that passenger services, air traffic control (ATC) and those moving, loading, unloading and servicing a range of aircraft achieve the objectives of their organisation in this diverse field.

The specialist functions this standard covers are:

  • Aircraft handling
  • Aircraft movement
  • Fire fighting
  • Flight operations
  • Passenger services



We provide a clear learning programme to take apprentices from entry through to the gateway for end-point assessment.

You can use our on-programme offer regardless of whether you are using Pearson as your end-point assessment organisation or not.


In order to meet the apprenticeship standards, apprentices must achieve:

  • Minimum of Level 1 English and attempt Level 2 English 
  • Minimum of Level 1 maths and attempt Level 2 maths

There are existing optional qualifications that have been mapped to show coverage of the apprenticeship standard.

Pearson BTEC Level 3 Certificate in Aviation Operations on the Ground

Pearson Edexcel Level 3 Diploma in Aviation Operations on the Ground

As both a vocational and academic awarding organisation, we can offer a wide range of English and maths qualifications in line with your standards’ requirements from Functional Skills through to GCSEs.

Learning resources

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