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About the role

This level 4 apprenticeship standard is designed as a minimum 24 month programme and is for apprentices who wish to gain the skills, knowledge and behavioural competences required to work in a healthcare science associate role.

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The healthcare science (HCS) associate workforce supports the work of HCS practitioners and clinical scientists in performing high-quality, safe diagnostic, therapeutic and monitoring, technical and scientific procedures from conception to end-of-life, in job roles within hospitals, general practice and other settings in the healthcare sector and across all areas of HCS.

They perform a wide range of routine technical and scientific procedures, with minimal supervision, within one of the specialisms in HCS, following specific protocols and in accordance with health, safety, governance and ethical requirements. The clinical scientific environment determines the context of the HCS Associate work/role.

The four main specialisms covered in this standard are; Life Sciences, Physiological Sciences, Physical Sciences and Biomedical Engineering and Clinical Bioinformatics.





We provide a clear learning programme to take apprentices from entry through to the gateway for end-point assessment.

You can use our on-programme offer regardless of whether you are using Pearson as your end-point assessment organisation or not.



In order to meet the apprenticeship standard apprentices will be required to hold or achieve:

Pearson BTEC Level 4 Diploma in Healthcare Science

  • Minimum of Level 2 English
  • Minimum of Level 2 maths
  • Collect evidence of personal and professional development gained from two multisource feedback (MSF) exercises conducted at approximately three months from the start of the apprenticeship and four months from completion of the apprenticeship.

The on-programme pace will be driven by the apprentice as well as by the breadth of experience an employer can offer prior to the minimum of 24 months, after which end-point assessment will take place

As both a vocational and academic awarding organisation, we can offer a wide range of English and maths qualifications in line with your standards’ requirements from Functional Skills through to GCSEs.

Learning resources

English and maths resources
We have a wide range of resources and useful tools to complement your programme, including assessment tools, podcasts and training events.

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