New Apprenticeships Automation and Controls Engineering Technician

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This occupation is found in cross-sector (e.g. Automotive, Food & Drink, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceutical, Construction), companies involved in manufacturing (discrete or process), logistics or utilities environments. These employers may be directly involved in these activities or as a provider of services (e.g. systems integration, field service, technical consultancy) to these companies.

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The broad purpose of the occupation is two-fold:

  • where the role is based inside a manufacturing (discrete or process), logistics or utilities environments, a fully competent Automation and Controls Engineering Technician will be able to install, maintain, fault-find and optimise hardware and software for automation systems
  • Where the role is based in a service provider, OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or approved solutions provider in large or SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) companies, the Automation and Controls Engineering Technician will be the interface between the vendor and its customer and will be able to competently provide high-quality, engineering services such as installation, commissioning, fault-finding (the activity of testing an installation prior to handover) and support.

For both iterations of this role, this would involve the above duties across a range of hardware such as on Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), robots and Industrial Networks (e.g. PROFIBUS, DeviceNet, PROFINET, ModBus). Use of physical tools, software tools and instruments (e.g. multi-meter), are fundamental to carrying out tasks associated with building (e.g. control panels), installing (e.g. site-cabling) and maintaining of automation systems.

This occupation will give employers the ability to maintain successful operational capability.

Mandatory requirements

In order to meet the apprenticeship standards, apprentices must:

  • Minimum of Level 1 English
  • Minimum of Level 1 Maths


There is a recommended qualification.

Pearson BTEC Level 3 Diploma in Engineering


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