The International Certificate is accepted around the world by universities, ministries of education and employers as proof of English language proficiency. Below is a list of countries where the International Certificate is accepted by government bodies.

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Universidad Abierta Interamericana (UAI)

Universidad Nacional del Litoral

Universidad Católica de Santa Fe

Universidad Austral

Universidad de Palermo

Universidad del Aconcagua

Universidad Católica de Salta

Universidad Fasta

Universidad Nacional de San Juan

Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Laboratorio de Idiomas

Universidad Atlántida Argentina - Sede Mar del Plata - Sede de la Costa - Sede Dolores

Universidad Nacional del Sur

Universidad CAECE - Sede Mar del Plata - Traductorado Público de Inglés

Instituto Superior CEM - Carreras de Profesorado y Traductorado Técnico Científico

Universidad Nacional de Misiones Facultad de Ciencias Exactas, Químicas y Naturales.

Ministry of Education Approved Assessment

Universidad Luis Amigo

Universidad de Antioquia

Universidad Jorge Tadeo Lozano

University Instituto Colombiano de Estudios Superiores de Incolda (ICESI)

Universidad de la Salle Colombia

Universidad Piloto de Colombia (UPC)

University of Costa Rica: School of Modern Languages

Ministry of Education 

Test of quality

Ministry of Education

Approved assessment

Ministry of Education

Approved accreditation as substitute test for the Gümnaasiumi Lõpueksamid foreign language examination

Ministry of Education 

ASEP accreditation

Ministry of Education 

Test of quality

Università degli studi di Napoli Federico II

Ministry of Education and Science

Ministry of Education

Lithuanian Ministry of the Interior

Ministry of Education

Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey (Tec de Monterrey)

Institutos Tecnológicos de México

Colegio de Bachilleres de Chihuahua

Universidad Madero at Puebla

Wozniak Instituto at Quintana Roo

The Britt Academy at Quintana Roo

Universidad Tecnológica de Xicotepec at Puebla

Colegios Esfer Salesianos at Chihuahua

Universidad Veracruzana at Veracruz

Universidad de Guadalajara

Universidad del Valle de Atemajac CELE

Universidad La Salle Noroeste Obregon

Universidad Marista Merida

ITESO, Universidad Jesuita de Guadalajara

Red de Universidades Anáhuac

Universidad Politécnica del Estado de Morelos
Civil Service
Test of quality for civil servants

Universidad Tecnológica del sur de Sonora

Universidad Politécnica de Baja California

Regulation details

Poland: Regulation of the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of 22 September 2011.

Pearson Exams (International Certificate Level 3 - B2, Level 4 – C1 and Level 5 – C2) and LCCI English for Business (Level 2 – B2, Level 3 – C1, Level 4 – C2) and First Certificate for Teachers of Business English (FTBE) are the basis for the exemption of language examination in the recruitment process for the candidates for the Ph.D. studies.

Regulation of the Ministry of National Educations of 12 March 2009. The regulation states that International Certificate Level 3 (Level 3 – B2, with Pass, Merit or Distinction), is considered as an official confirmation of language qualifications required to take up a job as a kindergarten and lower primary English teacher. Achieving certificate at the Level 4 and 5 (Level 4 – C1 and Level 5 – C2) is an official requirement for English teachers in upper primary and secondary education.

Regulation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of 29 July 2016. This regulation states that the International Certificate Level 4 - C1, Level 5 - C2 and  LCCI – English for Business, Level 3 - C1 and Level 4 – C2 are official confirmation of English proficiency required from members of the foreign services who apply for diplomatic status.


Regulation of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of 29 July 2016. Recognised by ACLES, CRUE, etc. as English proficiency tests for entry into university programmes around spain and by almost all Regional Educational Authorities for teachers and civil servants in general.

Canton Lucerne
Employment purposes for school teachers

Canton Schwyz
Employment purposes for school teachers

Canton St Gallen
Employment purposes for school teachers

Canton Zug
Employment purposes for school teachers

Ministry of Education and Science - Approved accreditation as substitute test to the official school leaving exam, order 1/9-33

Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education and Training - Approved Assessment for Secondary Grades 6-12

Ho Chi Minh City Department of Education and Training - Approved Assessment For Teachers

Hanoi University

The Hanoi University of Science and Technology

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