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Firstwords (Level 1)

Exam time: 80 minutes

Download our Guide to the International Certificate Young Learners - Firstwords (Level 1)

Who is it for?
This test is for test takers who can read the English alphabet and recognize simple words and phrases in both written and spoken English; understand and talk about basic facts related to their own lives and environments. The emphasis is on real-life situations that learners will encounter, not on how well they remember vocabulary and structures.

How is it structured?
The test has a written paper and a spoken test. The written part of the International Certificate Young Learners at this level lasts 60 minutes and has six tasks. It tests listening, reading and writing skills. The spoken part of the test lasts for 20 minutes and has two tasks that candidates engage in with an examiner and four other test takers.

Test structure
The written test at this level lasts for 60 minutes. There are six tasks which test listening, reading and writing.

Written test: 60 minutes

Task 1: Skill - listening
Task 2: Skill - listening
Task 3: Skill - reading
Task 4: Skill - reading
Task 5: Skill - reading
Task 6: Skill - reading and writing

Spoken test: 20 minutes

The spoken test at this level lasts for 20 minutes and there are two tasks.

Task 7: Skill - speaking
Task 8: Skill - speaking