Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

This is a short course that is 45 GLH in its entirity at Entry and Level 1. We expect centres to deliver this within 2/3 weeks. 

There is a task based assessment (with some questioning) and these are based on scenarios. This is particularly helpful to learners as it gives them a context that is relatable.  The scenario is set by us but can be personalised by the centre at Entry Level. 

As this is a digtal qualification it can lend itself to online learning. However centres will need to plan how this would work in practice. 


Ofqual regulate all accredited qualifications in England. This qualification was submitted to Ofqual in June for accreditation. It could be possible that Ofqual request that we amend the design to gain accreditation, if this happens this will impact on how quickly we can make this qualification available for registrations.

We will release the specification once we have gained accreditation.  We are aiming for this to be available from September, although if accreditation takes longer than anticipated this may be delayed.

Experience should be enough. There are no requirements for assessor qualifications in the specification. However do check the support section on the webpage for EDSQ. 

It can be done on separate days in the current plan (this is subject to Ofqual approval and accreditation).


Its been designed for adult learners (19+) and the purpose is for adults.  We don't design things for a particular age but that is the funding and design principles from DfE. We also don't know if this will be fully available for 16-19 year olds in the future, as that is for the DfE to decide.

English for Entry level and Level 1 should be assessed prior to enrolment. The level of English required, is reflected in the level of the qualification. 


Yes, but this is termed as 'medium control'.  When we publish the specification we can confirm this.

Yes, centres can choose various devices that can meet the requirements of the content. Learners do not need to be experts in all devices, but should have an understanding of various devices. 

We do not currently have an online platform, but we are reviewing how we can integrate online tools. We hope to have this in place when Digital Functional Skills are introduced in 2022. 

We don't stipulate a level.  However teachers must demonstrate competency and experience in all aspects of the qualification before teaching. 

Comparison with Digital Functional Skills and other Qualifications

We do not expect Digital Functional Skills to have multiple Entry levels. 

This is a very different course.  The Cambridge Nationals is a larger qualification which has been designed for 14-16 learners.  This is aimed as the Digital Skills people will need to everyday life, not for the workplace.  Its task based and practical.

No. We believe they can start with the EDSQ Entry level. However, please review the prior knowledge requirements for guidance on what they need to know before enrolling on Entry Level. 

Yes they will continue to be available until the new qualifications are accredited. 

The BTEC Tech Award in Digital Information Technology will continue to operate as normal. This qualification does not affect the Tech Award in DIT. 

Pearson will contact all centres that are registerd to deliver older IT qualifications and provide 6 months notice before retiring any existing qualification.