About EDSQ

The standards set out the digital skills needed for work and life across two skills levels:

  • Entry – designed for adults with no or little prior experience of using digital devices or the internet.
  • Level 1 – designed for adults with some experience of using digital devices and the internet but lacking secure basic digital skills.

The standards include a single Entry Level, rather than three entry sub-levels to reflect how digital skills are typically taught, learned and applied. The Entry Level skills statements include skills across the three entry sub-levels.

These are an important pre-requisite of skills learners need to have prior to starting EDSQ: 

  • Turning on a device (including entering and updating any account information safely, such as a password)
  • Using the available controls on a device (such as a mouse and keyboard for a computer, or touchscreen on a smartphone or tablet)
  • Making use of accessibility tools (including assistive technology) to make devices easier to use (such as changing display settings to make content easier to read)
  • Interacting with the home screen on a device
  • Connecting to the internet (including Wi-Fi) safely and securely, and opening a browser
  • Opening and accessing an application on a device
  • Using devices and handling information - using hardware and software, searching and navigating.
  • Creating and editing - using apps to enter and edit information, capturing/saving multimedia.
  • Communicating - sending and receiving communications. 
  • Transactions - e-commerce and buying online
  • Being safe and responsible online - being safe online, protecting your data, etc.