Guidance on titles

Choosing a good title is a key part of a successful Project. Here is a list of sample titles for level 1 and 2 from the Teacher Guide. 

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Level 1

  • Has the introduction of organic foods changed the way we shop and eat?

  • Explore the use of public transport in your local area. How could it be improved?

  • Create a training programme for a sport and explain your reasoning. 
  • Produce a range of coordinated surface pattern designs for use in a ‘themed’ restaurant. The designs may be applied to some or all of the following: uniforms, tablecloths and napkins, tableware, menus, posters, and so on. The designs must be attractive, practical, and fit the theme or style of cuisine of the restaurant you have chosen.

  • Design and produce a teaching aid to help young children understand number and basic mathematical concepts. The aid may be a toy or game, or other suitable format, but should make learning and understanding fun and effective.

  • Design and make a mask for a character in a play or film. The character will be based on an animal or fantasy creature. Research other examples of the use of animal characteristics to convey human emotions and traits. The mask must be comfortable and practical for the performer to wear, although it may distort their features and movement. 

Guidance on titles

  • How much power does advertising have and how effective can the use of shock be?

  • What pollution issues are there in Mexico City? Is transport a major contributor? What is their government doing to help prevent this?

  • Should human cloning be allowed?

  • What effect does TV have on family dynamics and the upbringing of children and teenagers?

  • Should the time window for abortion be shortened?

  • Should children be forced to exercise?

  • Should the growth of hybrid embryos be permitted for scientific and/or medical research?

  • Do the media do enough to promote fair trade textiles?

  • What effect have superstores had on local shops?

  • Have smoking habits and attitudes changed since the indoor ban?

  • Do food labels affect how people shop? 
  • Design and make a prototype for a collection box for a charity of your choice. The box should incorporate moving parts or mechanisms that will encourage people to make donations. The box may be designed to be carried by someone or to be in a fixed situation such as a shop counter.

  • Produce either:
    a) a series of photographs and text for a brochure or publicity leaflet, or
    b) a short video film, with commentary, for a local television news programme that will promote a visitor attraction in the area where you live.
    The attraction may be a local or farmers’ market, a country park, a museum, a local sporting facility, an area of town, the workshop of a local craftsperson, a local industry, a music venue or any other suitable subject.

  • Design and make the prototype for a mural panel, or a piece of public sculpture, to be sited in a prominent public space where you live that commemorates an event from local history or celebrates an industry or craft that is closely related to your area.

  • Develop a series of designs on a particular theme for three-dimensional constructions aimed at a particular age group. The constructions must be made from the area of card found on the back, top and one side of a cereal packet. Your designs should be printed in a range of colours and contain visual and/or written instructions on how to construct the ‘sculptures’. Make up at least one of the designs to a finished sculpture.

  • Take an existing everyday object and redesign it to make it more effective, more marketable, more attractive, more fashionable, more environmentally friendly, etc.

  • A local company is building a new complex of student accommodation and wants to ensure effective and efficient use of space. Research student needs and aspirations and design a functional, practical and pleasant room with limited space to meet students' requirements. Consider the balance between personal and communal space in the proposed development.

You'll find further guidance on Project titles in the 'teaching and learning materials' section of the course materials.