Planning and delivery

Whether you’re getting to grips with the changes or planning your courses, we’re here to help you plan and deliver the new GCSE level Music qualification from 2016.

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Getting Started Guide

Our Getting Started Guide provides an overview of the new GCSE specification to help you understand the changes to content and assessment, as well as what these changes mean for you and your students.

Mapping documents

Whether you've taught Edexcel GCSE Music qualifications before or you're joining us for GCSE this year, our mapping documents will help you identify the key comparisons and differences between the 2008 and new 2016 specifications.

Course planners

Our course planners outline the order in which content is set out in the specification and give suggested timings for teaching each topic. They can be used alongside the schemes of work and are editable, so you can adapt them to suit your timetabling and staffing arrangements.

Schemes of work

Some suggested resources, activities and teaching points are included in the editable schemes of work to support you when planning to teach the new courses.