Moving to Pearson for GCSE (9-1) Modern Languages

Are you considering moving to our Edexcel GCSE (9-1) French, German or Spanish specifications?

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Why choose our Edexcel specifications?

  • The home of modern languages

We have the widest range of languages at GCSE and A level, with the most extensive, high-quality free support, published resources and subject experts across planning, teaching, tracking, assessing and training - all in one place.

  • Well-designed assessments accessible to all learners

Our qualifications are designed to enable all students to meet their potential, communicate confidently and support progression.

  • Cultural content that motivates and brings languages to life

We’ve embedded cultural and authentic material throughout our Edexcel qualifications, free support and paid-for resources, giving students a sense of purpose to language learning.

Switching is simple

The documents below show you how simple and straightforward it is to switch to Edexcel, and provide information on our qualifications.

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Learn more about our GCSE (9-1) and A level 2016 language qualifications, and book onto a free Getting Ready to Teach event this summer.

Find out more about GCSE (9-1) Modern Languages

Find out more about A level Modern Languages

What next?

Email our team at or call 0161 855 7586 to speak to someone about what’s best for you - or if you already know you’d like to switch to Edexcel for GCSE (9-1) Modern Languages, let us know so we can give you the support you need.

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