Assess and track

We have a range of support material to help you and your students understand the standards required for our GCSE languages 2016 qualifications, including information about improvements we have made to our assessments in response to your feedback. 

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We also have a wealth of assessment material that you can use to practise exam technique with your students or assess their progress, including:


examWizard is a bank of past Edexcel exam papers, mark schemes and examiner reports. This free resource allows you create your own mock exams or tests from past questions on the topics you have covered with your students. 

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ActiveLearn: Progress & Assess

The 11-16 MFL Progression Scales and Maps represent our view of how learning progresses in Languages, and how skills build upon each other. They will give you richer insight into student performance in a way that is easy to understand and is reliable.

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Mocks Service

From October 2021, we are offering French, Spanish and German writing papers in our Mocks Service, where mock exam papers sat by your students are marked by Edexcel examiners, and the results made available to you for item-level analysis. The writing papers in this service reflect the amendments we made to assessments from 2021 to improve the assessment experience for our learners.

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Stimmt! for GCSE (9-1) German

Providing strong continuation from our popular KS3 courses, Stimmt! drives engagement through interesting, culture-focused content, and supports you to prepare students for the GCSE (9-1) examinations. 

As part of the full suite of print and digital resource available for this course, our Assessment Pack provides end-of-module and end-of-year tests to help you assess and track students' progress on a regular basis. All assessments feature authentic exam-style tasks, with Foundation and Higher tier questions included. 

The Assessment Pack can be purchased as a standalone product or is available in an ActiveLearn for GCSE German subscription. Please note that you don’t have to purchase our resources to deliver Pearson Edexcel qualifications.