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Whether it be through an in-school visit, having a conversation with our dedicated subject team, or by receiving all of our free support materials in one easy to access place, we are 100% committed to supporting you.

We've worked with teachers to provide the best switch experience, to save you time and give you the confidence to get started with us straight away.

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Switching support guide

Access your free guide to unlock our full range of switching support, including a:

  • Getting Started guide
  • Content Guidance document
  • free interactive scheme of work.

Access your support guide

We have a range of guides and support materials that make it straightforward to switch to us:

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Course planners

Baseline tests and unit tests - To help you check your students’ ability level at the beginning of the course, and monitor their progress throughout.

Transition worksheets - To support your student’s with the step up from GCSE to A level.

Schemes of work

Interactive scheme of work - A new, digital interactive scheme of work

Teacher guides

Mapping documents - To make clear the changes between the old 2008 and new 2017 specifications.

See all available teaching and learning materials

Why switch to Pearson Edexcel AS and A level Mathematics and Further Mathematics?

  • Clear assessments: the only awarding body with separate papers for pure and applied maths
  • The opportunity to either specialise or broaden study in our further mathematics specifications
  • Specifications that enable co-teaching and parallel delivery
  • A wide range of free exam practice to prepare students and help you track their progress
  • Trusted, expert support to help you deliver the new specifications, including our free interactive scheme of work
  • New published resources* matched to the Pearson Edexcel exam structure, with free online content. Search our published resources
  • Latest updates from our Subject Partners and free access to 20,000 resources via the Maths Emporium.


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