Efficacy Report

Pearson Edexcel A level Mathematics: Tried, Tested and Trusted 

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A level Mathematics Efficacy Report

The Pearson UK Efficacy team are pleased to publish the results of the first Efficacy Report for the Pearson Edexcel A level Mathematics qualification. After a difficult year for schools, we reflect on the journey so far for Pearson Edexcel A level Mathematics highlighting the opportunities and the vast range of support that Pearson have created for our teachers and students.

The report reveals how the qualification was designed, its implementation and how we are continually reviewing it to increase the depth and breadth of student learning. It also shares how we are supporting changes to pedagogical approaches which will increase engagement with the subject content. 

Furthermore, the report highlights how we are continuing to consider the potential challenges that come alongside introducing a new qualification and the rigorous processes we are putting in place to support teachers to navigate these. In addition, we explore the ways in which Pearson is working with teachers, examiners and key stakeholders to improve the future of assessments going forward. 

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