Teach Sport the Liverpool FC way: online and in the classroom

Developed in partnership with Pearson and Liverpool Football Club. The BTEC International Specialist Awards are short courses that provide learners, 16 and above, with internationally recognised knowledge and skills to progress into a wide range of careers in Sport, Fitness and Physical Education. 

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These courses are suitable for sport, football and fitness fans or any learner aged 16 and above who is interested in the techniques and practices promoted by the Premiership winning club.

These short courses can be used and applied in many ways:

  • As extracurricular programmes to complement other international, academic and professional qualifications.
  • Enabling applied learning through shorter courses.
  • A taster course to learners considering progression into a Level 3 BTEC International qualification suite.
BTEC International Specialist Awards in Sport created in partnership with Pearson and LFC
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Choose from 7 subject titles

This course will provide learners with the knowledge and understanding of the social impact of football on a local, national, and global scale, and the impact of Liverpool FC as a business on the city of Liverpool and its inhabitants. 

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This course explores the role of Liverpool FC as a global employer, the employability skills, techniques, and practices of a premiership winning team. Learners will also learn how Liverpool FC's International Academy Coaches benchmark successful player development. 

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This course would benefit learners who have an interest in pursuing a global career in coaching. It explores coaching The Liverpool Way and how to use theories and practices to plan, deliver and review a coaching session.

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This course explores the skills and experiences required for specific job roles within an elite football club. Learners will examine the ethos and values of Liverpool FC and the impact of branding on the success of a football club.

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This course will enable learners to understand the importance of good nutrition and hydration in sports and physical activity. The significance and links between life choices, a healthy balanced diet and improved sports performance.

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This course provides learners with an overview of the psychological demands of sport and how to develop techniques to improve, motivate and influence sporting performance. 

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This course will teach learners the fundamentals of the energy systems by exploring the structure and function of the skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular, and respiratory systems and how they influence sport performance.

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Available in the following countries 

Thailand, China, Hong Kong, Bermuda, India, Sri Lanka, Bahrain, Qatar, UAE, Ghana, Kenya Malawi, Mauritius, Tanzania, Uganda, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain

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Sport Teacher Resource  Packs

By Pearson and Liverpool FC, the BTEC International in Sport Teacher Resource Packs are interactive, digital teaching and learning resources that can be delivered online and in the classroom.

They allow experienced or new teachers to build on and contextualise the teaching environment for selected units within a Specialist Award or full BTEC Qualification in Sport. 

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