Teaching Hospitality Update May 2018

1 May 2018

Teaching Hospitality update for May 2018

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Our qualifications

We now have a comprehensive portfolio of qualifications in the hospitality sector so that you can ensure your learners are on the right course and the right level for them, whatever their aspirations may be within the sector.

Our qualifications are predominantly internally assessed, and in keeping with the BTEC ethos of practical, skills-based learning, assessment is designed around themed units. This gives students the opportunity to show what they’ve learned in each unit, and build on their achievements as they progress through the course.

Assessment is set and marked by the tutor, using assignments involving a series of tasks designed around a work-related, real-life scenario. Students get a grade for each unit - Pass, Merit or Distinction. Some BTECs are assessed completely through assignments, while the newer BTEC courses, as listed below, include some units which are assessed through externally set and marked tests.

BTEC courses with externally set and marked tests

  • NQF BTEC L1/2 Firsts
  • BTEC Level 2 Technicals
  • BTEC Level 3 Technicals
  • BTEC L1/2 Tech Award 

Full details of the external assessment element of each qualification is included in the specifications. The final qualification grade will also be awarded on the Pass, Merit and Distinction scale.

Support for delivery

If you are new to delivering BTEC programmes there is plenty of support available, with the planning to deliver page a great place to start. There are also a number of Authorised Assignment Briefs (AABs), Sampled Mark Learner Work, Sample Assessment Materials and Examiners reports available across the site free of charge.

We also have a free assignment checking service where you can send one assignment brief per programme in to receive feedback from our Senior Standards Verifier.

Centres responsibilities regarding delivery of the programmes include;

  • Ensuring all learners are registered
  • Registering a Lead IV as required by the types of programmes delivered to oversee all programmes delivered in the centre
  • The standardisation exercise(s) being completed by all assessors and internal verifiers in conjunction with the Lead IV (accessed through the OSCA system via Edexcel Online)
  • Assessment plan(s) for the programme(s) being completed, including internal verification schedule
  • Assignment briefs written and internally verified
  • Programme delivery – Teaching and learning
  • Assessment of learner work is scheduled and completed
  • Internal verification of learner work is scheduled and completed. 

Standards verification is how we check that you are operating appropriate quality assurance and maintaining national standards. This is carried out annually and one Standards Verifier (SV) is usually allocated to a centre to sample all the programmes within a sector and is there to support you through the process. 

Find out more with our Centre Guide to Standards Verification


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