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Business Skills Update January 2018

26 January 2018

This is an update for the Business Skills sector, January 2018, covering new apprenticeship standards and end-point assessment specifications plus SASE/W Apprenticeship Resources.

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New Apprenticeship Standards & End Point Assessment Specifications

We are delighted to confirm that the Pearson Level 2 End-Point Assessment specification for Customer Service Practitioner, and the Level 2 End Point Assessment specification for Financial Services Customer Adviser are fully published and available for customers who have signed up to Pearson End Point Assessment services for each standard.

A digital copy of each specification can be requested from your account manager.

For customers who want to see a snapshot of the Customer Service Practitioner specification, a sample can be downloaded here.

A sample of the Financial Services Customer Adviser specification can also be downloaded here.  

SASE/W Apprenticeship Resources

We are in the process of migrating the BTEC Apprenticeship SASE/W resources from the content extra website to a new website in order to improve the accessibility of the resources for customers and learners. Whilst this migration takes place the existing usernames and passwords to access the resources will no longer be active.

In order to obtain the resources, please contact the Pearson digital support team via the following contact us link

Following your request, the digital support team will email the full resources that you require directly to you.

The only exception are the multiple choice test quizzes that cannot be sent. However, full practice tests including mark schemes for the apprenticeship framework qualifications can continue to be accessed here.



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