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GCSE PE - Applying for special consideration

28 March 2013

If any of your candidates were unable to participate in the moderation day/final assessment due to illness or injury, you can apply for special consideration.

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For you to request special consideration, the candidate must have completed 50 per cent of the qualification: the theory 40 percent and the whole of the AoP (including the PEP), 12 per cent. Find out more in this update.

When you apply for special consideration you must complete the JCQ/SC form 10, and include all of the following forms (only for the candidates that are applying for special consideration). This will mean isolating the relevant pages of the original form sent to the moderator.

  • A PE2AS must have the estimated mark(s) for each practical activity the candidate(s) has been unable to participate in or complete due to illness or injury. Under 'Est Mark', you should state the estimated mark for the activity. Under 'TE Mark', please put 'X'.
  • A completed PE2MS form with the final formal assessment mark for all activities the
    candidate(s) has been able to complete and an 'X' against the activity/activities not completed. Do not submit estimated marks on this form
  • Doctors medical note or self-certificate (JCQ form 14).

For candidates who are injured and miss any/all of the controlled practical assessment:

  • An X should be placed in each component missed
  • An X should be transferred, as the total mark for the unit, to the OPTEMs or EDI file
  • A special consideration form must be emailed to our Special Considerations Department  at uk.special.requirements@pearson.com. Candidates should be entered as 'Absent' not 'Present but disadvantaged' on the Special Consideration form.
  • Relevant medical certificate(s) and doctor’s note(s). Candidates can provide the centre with a note from the doctor or a medical certificate to support their application. This can then accompany the application for special consideration. Where a medical note is not available candidates must submit a completed self-certificate form (JCQ form 14).

Please ensure a final mark is not submitted for any candidate applying for special consideration.

The PE2AS and PE2MS can be downloaded from the GCSE PE page under 'Controlled Assessment'.

There is further guidance on applying for special consideration on pages 41-44 of the Instructions for Conducting Controlled Assessment document, which you'll also find on the GCSE PE page under 'Controlled Assessment'.

You must include completed PE2AS and PE2MS forms together with a doctor's note or JCQ form 14 and the JCQ/SC form 10.

If you have already completed a special consideration form and not included the PE2AS and PE2MS forms or other required information, please contact the Special Requirements Team at uk.special.requirements@pearson.com.

Please note that if you do not send in all the relevant forms for the candidate(s), there may be a delay in the candidate(s) achieving their grade and they may not be awarded the grade they deserve.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further guidance.


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