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Edexcel A level Music and Music Technology: September 2018 update

Mon Sep 17 12:53:22 UTC 2018

Read the latest information on Edexcel A level Music and Music Technology, including key dates, latest news and post-results services.

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Summer 2018 results

Your students' results were released to centres on 16 August 2018.

The question paper, mark scheme and Principal Examiner's report for this summer's 8MU0/01, 8MU0/02, 8MU0/03, 9MU0/01, 9MU0/02 and 9MU0/03 Music exams and 6MT01, 6MT02, 6MT03, 6MT04, 8MT0/01, 8MT0/02, 8MT0/03 and 8MT0/04 Music Technology exams are now available to download from the website.

The grade boundaries for overall qualifications for Music and AS level Music Technology were released online on results day. On this day we also issued notional component grade boundaries for individual components.

For the legacy A level Music Technology specification individual unit grade boundaries were released on results day as well.

View the grade boundaries documents for A levels

Some of the new specifications use scaling to calculate the correct percentage of marks across the components and the raw marks are then multiplied by a scaling factor. To help you understand and work out the marks we have developed a component scaling calculator for the qualifications that use the weighting factors.

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ResultsPlus is a free online results analysis tool for teachers that gives you a detailed breakdown of your students’ performance in Edexcel exams. It provides the most detailed analysis available of your students’ performance and helps you to identify topics and skills where your students could benefit from further learning, helping them gain a deeper understanding of their subject. 

Access ResultsPlus

Principal Examiner Report

The Principal Examiner also compiles a report on how candidates performed in this year’s examinations. It provides general feedback and highlights good approaches that can be taken forward to future examination series.

You can find these reports on ResultsPlus. Please speak to your examinations officer if you don't have access to ResultsPlus.

Watch our short video on how to find the Principal Examiner Report.

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Reviews of marking and moderation (RoMM)

If you're a centre with a concern about a student's results, you can use our post-results services. We have details about these services and their cost online.

Visit the RoMM pages

Access to scripts

After the summer 2018 results are published in August, centres will be able to view and download scripts which have been marked online free of charge from our Self-Service Portal via Edexcel Online.

The Self-Service Portal will be available until the final post-results deadline for each exam series:

  • Thursday 16 August - Friday 14 December 2018

Customers should save and/or print any scripts they need for teaching and learning purposes before the post-results deadline.

Scripts do not have examiner annotation on them. The marked script allows teachers to evaluate how the student performed on particular questions in relation to what they have been taught; the Principal Examiner's Report and the exemplars that we make available demonstrate how the mark scheme is applied.

If scripts have been marked "traditionally" (i.e. not online), centres will have to request them via the Post Results section of Edexcel Online as in previous exam series.

These scripts will also be free of charge, but the final dates to request them are the same as the published JCQ Access to Scripts deadlines.

Visit the Access to scripts pages

Post Results Fees

Details of all updated fees for our post results services from 1 August 2018 can be found online.

See Post results fees from 1 August 2018

Preparing for 2019 assessments

To help you prepare for the academic year ahead I have included all the key documents and dates for each qualification with assessments in summer 2019.

The composition briefs for AS and A level Music are now available online for assessment in summer 2019. We will be releasing updated versions of the Administrative Support Guide, PAS and CAS forms for summer 2019 submissions.

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This academic year will see the first assessment for the new A level Music Technology specification. The briefs for Recording and Technology-based Composition are below, along with the logbooks. There will be an updated Administrative Support Guide online soon.

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All units for the legacy specification for A level Music Technology are available for assessment in summer 2018 as resits only. Candidates entered for these must have previously been entered for the units in a prior exam year.

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Key Dates

Date Event
20 September 2018 RoMM Service 1, RoMM Service 2 and RoMM Service 3 deadline
20 September 2018 Access To Scripts Post Review of Marking (ATSPE) deadline
27 September 2018 Access To Scripts Original (ATSO) deadline
7 November 2018 Certificates should arrive in centres
14 December 2018 Access To Scripts Copy (ATSC) deadline
21 February 2019 Deadline for entries in the June 2019 exam series
March 2019 9MU0/02 A level Music (2016) Briefs Assessing Techniques received by centres in hard copy format only
1 April 2019 9MU0/02 A level Music (2016) Briefs Assessing Techniques can be released to students to be completed in a maximum of 6 hours
17 May 2019 8MT0/03 AS level Music Technology (2017): Listening and analysing exam
17 May 2019 6MT02 AS level Music Technology (2008): Listening and Analysing exam
20 May 2019 8MU0/03 AS level Music (2016): Appraising exam
21 May 2019 8MT0/04 AS level Music Technology (2017): Producing and analysing exam
24 May 2019 9MT0/03 A level Music Technology (2017): Listening and analysing exam
5 June 2019 9MT0/04 A level Music Technology (2017): Producing and analysing exam
5 June 2019 6MT04 A level Music Technology (2008): Analysing and Producing exam
14 June 2019 9MU0/03 A level Music (2016): Appraising exam

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