February 2023 update | Pearson qualifications

February 2023 update

Wed Feb 01 07:00:00 UTC 2023

Welcome to the February 2023 maths update!

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The DfE confirmed in November that, in 2023, students are not required to memorise formulae for GCSE Maths.

We’re pleased to announce that the 2023 formulae and equations sheets for GCSE Maths are now available to download. These are the same formulae and equations sheets that were used for the summer 2022 series and, for Maths only, the November 2022 series, but the date has been changed to 2023.

You can download the new sheets at the links below:

We recently sent a communication to your centres Examinations Officer regarding the provision of models for the May/June 2023 Maths examinations.

We will no longer be automatically supplying 3D models with the modified large print Maths papers.

Please complete the form below to indicate whether your candidate requires the use of 3D models.
Failure to respond will result in no models being sent to your centre.

If you require any further information regarding this, please contact the Modified Formats Team at additional_requirements@pearson.com

The government has doubled the amount of money on offer to schools that encourage more pupils to study maths at A-level.

We would like to remind you of our Functional Skills test inspections programme. These visits ensure that our quality assurance (QA) process for Functional Skills is robust and effective in protecting the integrity of our qualifications.

The final date for GCSE and GCE (AS and A level) entries for June 2023 exams, is the 21 February 2022.
Find out more from the JCQ's Key dates in the examination cycle.

During the consultation process for the Provisional GCSE November 2023 exam timetables, it became clear that a large number of schools have revised half-term arrangements in October 2023. We thank centres for bringing this issue to our attention.
To ensure that GCSE examinations this November do not clash with half-term arrangements, a revised provisional GCSE November 2023 examination timetable has been published.
An additional consultation period will run until Friday 10 February 2023 for the revised provisional November 2023 exam timetables.

We hope that the recent GCSE English and Maths November results day was successful for those of you who had students receiving their results.

Our post-results support pages have all the information you and your students will need to help you understand the results.

Full information about the support available for 2023 can be found on our Summer 2023 support page. This includes information and outcomes for all the autumn consultations undertaken by Ofqual including information about Summer 2023 contingency days.

Pearson Tutoring are looking to develop their offer to continue to support learner progress. To ensure that they meet the needs of schools/colleges, learners and parents, we kindly ask you to fill out this short survey.

Pearson’s School Report on 'Schools Today, Schools Tomorrow' highlights the growth in awareness and concern around issues such as climate change and sustainability in schools and amongst young people. Pearson is looking at how to support schools in integrating these global issues into their curriculum.
If you would like to take part in this research and share your views, please get in touch via the short form below.

Following its review of post-16 qualifications, the Department for Education (DfE) has confirmed its aim of developing a new ‘streamlined’ qualifications system for students aged 16 and over.
There will be two routes available for students. They will choose between:
• A Levels or a mixed curriculum of, typically, two A Levels alongside a vocational qualification, to be known as an alternative academic qualification (AAQ)
• T Levels or an apprenticeship.

2 February 4pm – 5:30pm GMT – International GCSE Specification A 2022 Home Examination Feedback

7 February 9am – 10am GMT – International GCSE Specification A 2022 (R) Examination Feedback

21 February 4pm – 5:30pm GMT – GCSE Maths November 2022 Feedback

6 March 8am – 10am GMT - Pearson Edexcel International Advanced Level Mathematics: Welcome to Pearson (Module 1)

7 March 8am – 10am GMT - Understanding assessment and improving delivery in International GCSE Mathematics A (Module 1)



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