February teaching English update | Pearson qualifications

February teaching English update

Thu Feb 02 12:44:00 UTC 2023

Dear Colleagues

I hope the term is going well and, if you’re in the northern hemisphere, that the first signs of spring are starting to make themselves felt.

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Key dates for the June 23 exam series

21 February 2023: entry deadline for GCSE, A level, Entry Level Certificate (UK centres)

21 March 2023: entry deadline for Int GCSE (UK and international centres), IAL and for GCSE & A level (International centres)

12 April 2023: Edexcel Online/Learner Work Transfer (LWT) portals open for the submission of marks/grades/samples for June 2023

15 May 2023: deadline for submission of marks/grades/samples for NEA for the June 2023 exam series

You can attend free online submission support sessions for each qualification group in this period:

Date Time Title & details Booking link
20 April 2023 08:00-09:00 GMT International GCSE English: Submission support for coursework (session runs am and pm to suit UK and other locations) Book now
20 April 2023 16:00-17:00 GMT International GCSE English: Submission support for coursework (session runs am and pm to suit UK and other locations) Book now
18 April 2023 16:00-17:00 GMT GCSE English Language: Submission support for the spoken language endorsement Book now
19 April 2023 16:00-17:00 GMT A Level English: Submission support for coursework Book now

Key reminders for the June 2023 exam series

There are no adjustments to any of our assessments. All qualifications will be assessed as they appear in their specifications. For example:

GCSE and Int GCSE English Language

A sample of video-recordings of assessments is required for the Spoken Language Endorsement (SLE)

There is no advance information on writing text types.


4EA1 & 4EB1: there is no advance information on writing text types.

4ET1 01: Part 3 anthology poetry is assessed.

A level & IAL English Literature

The full list of poems from ‘Poems of the Decade’ listed for assessment in the specifications will be assessed.


Take a look at ActiveHub which brings together our digital services for GCSE English Language learning, assessment and insights on a single digital platform. This video gives you a quick overview.

Remember to download any scripts you need by 5 April 2023.

We have 15 GCSE events scheduled February to March: Lit in Colour events for each of our diversity texts (Boys Don’t Cry, Refugee Boy, Coram Boy and The Empress); ‘Targeting Grades 4/5 or 8 and 9’; ‘New to the qualification’ and networks.

Browse and book forthcoming training

International GCSE

Join me to look at some areas that teachers frequently ask for support with:

  • Preparing students for anthology poetry in summer 2023 (after several series where the poetry was not assessed).
  • Approaches to context on 4ET1 01 Modern Prose & 4ET1 02 Literary Heritage Texts
  • Writing on drama as drama (Modern Drama)
  • Onscreen assessment
  • Approaches to coursework
  • Admin arrangements for the summer 2023 exam series.
Date Time Title & details Booking link
23 February 2023 16:00-17:30 GMT Int GCSE English Literature 4ET1 virtual network Book now

Secure publication of January 2023 exam materials on our website (Edexcel Online login required for access):

  • Question papers: 31.1.23
  • Mark schemes: 21.2.23
  • Examiner reports: 7.3.23
  • Results day: 2.3.23.

Click on the ‘onscreen assessment’ tab on the 4EA1 or 4ET1 pages to access info and FAQs.

Onscreen assessment

Watch a video giving an idea of what the onscreen experience is like.

Sign up to try out the online exam environment.

Students sitting exams onscreen in June 2023 have 1 Pearson-marked mock included in their entry fee. For 4EA1/4EB1 & 4ET1 the mocks service is onscreen.

A level

9EN0 03: access guidance on how to approach the subtopics for June 2023.

Access the slides from the recent Q&A session.

First assessment of new texts at AS in June 2023

Please take a look at this reminder of when our 4 new texts are assessed at AS and A level and of the changes to exam question numbers.

Come along to networking and support sessions on each of our new texts by global majority writers (first assessment 2023 at AS and 2024 at A level).

Planning mocks?

Mocks service and new moderation service

Have us mark your mocks or use the mocks moderation service to get feedback on your department’s marking of GCSE English Language.

Mocks marking service

Most questions are answered in the FAQs and the terms and conditions.


Terms and conditions


Functional Skills

New L1/2 past papers available: you can download Past Test 5 along with the Chief Examiners’ Reports from January 2023.

Access a recording of the January support session on delivering Speaking, Listening and Communication at all levels.

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